How Both Rowling And Martin Teamed Up And Crucified Us With Deaths

Death of beloved characters

The life of books or movies promises a world never seen before; they tend to entice us in with a great storyline, making us hope to live in that scenario. They create characters with whom you would want to spend your entire life or share some cherished memories.

We, the millennial generation, disregarding the continent we are from, have been united on a single front all these years- we have all waited for our Hogwarts letter to come. We have lived, cried, laughed, grew and learned with this extraordinary magical series by J.K. Rowling. She created characters we all were devoted to, and undoubtedly still are. However, there are certain deaths which were beyond the control of our fragile heart; certain characters we bid goodbye, and it brought a cloud of grief over us. The grief was so much that every year at the anniversary of Battle of Hogwarts, Rowling apologises for killing a character we never wanted to say goodbye to.

  1. Topping the list would be Fred Weasely, the mischievous young man who spell bounded us with his comic-timing and cleverness. He died with a smile on his face, and ended with us sobbing uncontrollably.


  1. Rowling killed many characters, and the loyal Dobby and Severus Snape were also part of it. As loyal as Dobby was to Harry, Professor Snape was always loyal to the love of his life. Both of them died for people they loved and made us realize the meaning behind the word ‘always’.


A shout-out to Remus Lupin; the one who made us want a teacher like him, the professor who made studying fun. The one who was shattered and prejudiced against, and the one who stood against all of this yet managed to be the kindest person in the series. His wife, Nymphadora Tonks broke the stereotypes of a quintessential woman, and supported her husband in the hardest of time and never gave up on him, and was also a badass Auror. I have always looked up to her for her quirkiness and her jest to pursue things she loved without adhering to any societal norm. Also, Sirius Black- it was just brutal to go through the death of someone who was as zestful as him.


Now, moving on from Rowling, we have another author who is known for killing people as soon as we start rooting for them. George R.R. Martin is a vicious writer who has killed many people we have grown to cherish and love.

  1. The Red Wedding broke something in me, I was numb enough to cry, I was blank witnessing the atrocities that were committed in mere 2 minutes. It shattered me and how. I am still not over the death of Robb Stark, the rightful heir to Eddard Stark, the King of the North.

  1. In the times of war, there are certain victims that are always sacrificed, however, there was one such innocent victim that made us brawl like babies in the series- Hodor. The most innocent character wanting nothing but to protect now the three-eyed-raven- Bran Stark. Played so adorably by Kristian Nairn, I am still not over Hodor’s death. It is one of the most devastating death to occur in the series, yet.


  1. When Khal Drogo first made his appearance, I instantly detested him for his ways of ridiculing the Mother of Dragons. Yes, it was marital rape and apart from his good looks I didn’t find any good in him. But, eventually, we witness him progressing. From being a pain inflicting monster to setting up relationship goals, with every passing episode we fell more in love with him, and his death was nothing but a disappointment. It ended the idea of what could have been and it was just sad.


Well, we can’t have these characters back but we can truly appreciate the kind of literary legends the two writers are. They both have transformed our worlds and have given us enough courage to face the real harsh world, and no matter how much appreciation we honour them with, it will never be enough. We love them, but it would ease our pain if they could cut down on killing, wouldn’t it?

Yugansha Malhotra

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