How Did Chris Evans Become The Best? Find Out.


Everything special about Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, came out of a bottle. But everything unique about the actor who has personified this Marvel superhero, has come out of a beautiful gene pool.

Yes, we are talking about American actor Christopher Robert Evans, who has been giving us ladies a very hard time controlling our hormones. The man is blessed with the best. He is effortlessly handsome, dorky, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous. A friend of mine said she cannot look beyond his perfectly-pink lips. And personally, I believe Evans’ striking stubble can make a duvet. Do I hear ovaries bursting?

And now that the actor has proven his inevitable mettle once again in the newly-released action flick Civil War, we cannot help but swoon over his invincible charm.


But the man is beyond exquisiteness and physical beauty. There are many layers beneath those tough muscles that make him the best.

To start with, Evans is a regular human being. Born and raised in Boston, the actor is extremely close to his family. Surrounded by siblings, nephews and nieces, Evans really wikes being home. He credits his family for giving him a great childhood. You can gauge his love for his clan by the way he talks about them. He admitted in an interview that growing up is occasionally heady. That as an adult, finding a footing in the world of acting, was wearisome. But when he’d start caring about things that weren’t important, he always had his family to fall back to, and reconnect with. The Evans are stunning.


Chris Evans is generously uninhibited. He is never ashamed to admit that he has fought jitters, just like the rest of us – struggling through auditions and battling self-doubt. Whenever he allows us inside his head, he shows us the man he really is. Evans has a way of shushing his noisy brain when anxiety kicks in. His struggles are real; as real as ours.

I always trust an effervescent human being. One who is bubbling with energy and breaks into laughter every ten seconds. Evans has a transparent soul. Have you seen him laugh? The man grins at the drop of a hat, literally. He throws his body amused, and you cannot stop yourself from grinning. His is a wonderfully-boisterous, attractive and booming laughter.

Fans recognize him à la Captain America, but Evans can be your quintessential paramour too. Look at those convincing eyes that are veiled by those long eyelashes. That mischievous and flashy grin is enough to make us go weak in the knees. The blessed actor has delivered every character to perfection. Watch his films to believe us.


It does not come as a surprise that the man is genuinely a beauty, inside and out. And it does not hurt that he is handsome too. Evans has been doing his bit for the society for long. When he is not saving the world from extra-terrestrials, Captain America is partaking in charity.


While he has been supporting numerous causes, the one that stands out is Boston-based Christopher’s Haven. The organisation “operates a supportive community consisting of seven temporary apartments and a community recreational area for families of children being treated for cancer in nearby Boston hospitals”. Evans not only gives the organisation money, but also his time.

This man is our real life hero. He is an epithet of faultlessness.

Prerna Mittra

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