How Do You Become A Celebrity On The Internet?


Bright smile, wide eyes, an interesting background and a bubbly greeting- that’s just all a teenager needs to discover in the vast expanse of the internet and get hooked on to the celebrities of today. Instead of poring over magazines trying to imagine what the lives of those celebrities might just be like, we can simply log onto their channels and plague the comments section with “are you dating?” What I mean is, somebody is bound to read it and start a comment war with “no, are you crazy? They are fake.” So what makes such “YouTubers” our new celebrities?

They’re us. They are us with a fancy camera and lighting. They are us with #relatable problems. They are us with the sad, awkward pasts, just with book deals (always available on to put it out there. They’re us with a blooper trail and real emotions, not having the stone faced perfection of superstars, and at the same time they are everything we want to be. They are funny, charming, quirky and oh-so-popular.

They are perfect without being so, and they are our generation- every facet of it, every sub-group of the people of today.

YouTube offers you everything. A search of even the most random nouns stringed together would give you something. Don’t believe me? Try searching “peach t-shirt compartment” and you would find a sea of results, like a girl talking about her dog Peach, her new line of t-shirts and the compartments in her make-up drawers.

There is content about everything you like, from whomever you like, in whatever way you like. You can find a veritable amount of videos teaching you how to get that perfect smoky eye or cat-eye flick, or someone reviewing the newest game, or somebody delivering a teary-eyed speech on discovering one’s sexuality, or someone else giving a pretentious movie review of DDLJ. It is now the one-stop destination for all our new music, spawning now acclaimed artists like Justin Bieber, Pentatonix and 5 Seconds of Summer. It is forever churning out new music, faster than the industry can keep up with.

It is also the place if you love shows with actual structure. With the boom of web-series like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Nothing Much To Do, or Lana Steele, adaptations of famous books and plays are making it into fun, modernized shows, turning the leads into “vloggers”. Game shows like TheTube’s Hautestor I Can’t Even are also gaining popularity.

Faithful fan-girls obsess over the latest sensation, arguing with anyone who dares to say anything wrong about their “fave”. I am not ashamed to admit that when I met one of my favourite YouTubers in Times Square recently, I nearly screamed. Fan-girls have been around forever and today’s objects of affection are the ordinary, the YouTubers.


Rhea Kamath

Image Source: The Viewspaper