How Does It Feel To Be Unwanted?

I got an inspiration to write this poem from a random forwarded message that talked about humanity…. How some people suffer because of someone else’s ignorance…. And knowingly or unknowingly how much we hurt someone’s feelings and emotions and make fun of their situation without thinking upon the reason behind it…
I hope i I am able to highlight it in the poem…

They call me fat,
Because i I don’t look like them
But they never see
That i I have a problem
They call me names

They make fun of me
They look down on me
Just because i I am fat

They call me poor
Because i I can’t wear the clothes they wear
But they don’t realize
That clothes are not my priority
They laugh at me
Call me an old fashioned girl
But is dressing up really important??
To be friends??
But alas, they look down on me
Just because I can’t buy clothes

They call me a desperate girl
Because i I make friends easily
But they never think that
I am just trying to socialize
Trying to make friends
Without letting them take an advantage
But they fail to see that
So they hate me
because Because they THINK that I’m desperate

They call me ugly
Because i I don’t have a white face
They never thought that
Even a black face can be pretty
They shoo me away
As if i’m I’m a victim of an infectious disease
But they never see that
It’s just the difference of color in the skin
Is being a dark shade a crime?

They call me evil
Because I am all alone
They think I’m possessed
As I try to avoid them
But they never realize that
It’s because of them
I’ve become like this
But i I really don’t regret it
As i’m I’m proud to be who i I am

Ojasvini R