How Fantastic Are The Four In Their Latest Release?


After our gutsy beaus are fired out of their superhero suits- pun intended, and the world as we know it has been saved umpteen times, 2015 then becomes the time for a certain new combo of heroic individuals to save the world, and what not. While Miles Teller drives from the role of Peter, to Daniel, to Andrew, and now to Mister Fantastic; and Kate Mara dissembles and relocates the habitat with just the budge of her hand; action, adventure with maybe a touch of world redemption, the new Fantastic 4 is a must watch.

This blockbuster kicks off in the midst of an ensemble of characters, having essentially nothing in common; barring perhaps the fact that they happened to fall in for an ‘other’ worldly experience. Or do they?

Many may even call this ethereal subject, Dr Doom. Lapsing amidst dimensions, roaming through dimensional space, in an inter-dimensional machine, coined by a young scientist, nonetheless, can be pretty taxing. Add on uncanny forces to their list of conundrums, and one can get an out-of-this-world movie.

Masses are and will be quick to judge this Tim Story film predominantly on the grounds that our Jessica Alba and Chris Evan had set up for us to begin with. For me, it is now time for this gripping and riveting F4 franchise to adopt not only a new approach, but to acquire a fresh troupe. Along with our new found and most cutting-edge villains, this remake is sure to compel one to hang on to their seats.

Even so, just how is this movie truly different when measured up to its parent movies- besides the obvious, needless to say?

  1. How did they really get their powers?

As we all know of the 2005 version; then Dr Reed Richards, and Now Mr Fantastic- owed to his genius, had learnt of some apocalyptic space mumbo-jumbo that could pretty much destroy the earth. In an effort to guard our planet of ruin, he, along with his group of the to-be Fantastic four voyaged to outer space. There, like any mission, matters went horribly wrong and our dear explorers inculcated some unique potency. In the remake though,it is science and innovation over heroic adventures through and through. Just how they got the powers, in what ways they responded and accustomed themselves etc on the other hand, is for you to uncover.

  1. Government, no government?

A development we notice in the remake is the government’s agenda and motives behind sending the F4 and initiating their being. In the older adaptation, however, there is not much of an agenda; incidents just transpire and fall into place. For that reason, a suitable foundation in the plot- like remake has to be set.

  1. No gooey brother-sister relationship.

At the risk of sounding clichéd, a puckish but caring sibling duo- just like Sue and Johnny in the 2005 film- is more awaited than the chills any viewer feels when boy meets girl. As per me, the only thing really deficient in this new edition is a blood relationship- at least, right now. You never know when a long lost sibling may turn up.

So do watch! It is after all an ‘un-miss-able’.



Meghna Gupta