How I Met Your Mother Finale


It Was A Legen…Wait For It…Dary Fail!

And so it happened. After nine loooo…wait for it…oooong years, Ted finally told his children how he met their mother. But did the final episode of this series bring to viewers what they expected when they started watching it nine years ago?

Let’s find out.

Attempting to fill the void left by one of the most popular English sitcoms Friends, How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) premiered in the year 2005. While no thing can replace Joey’s “How you doin!”, Monica’s obsession with cleanliness, Chandler’s sarcasm, Phoebe’s “Smelly Cat” and Ross and Rachel’s turbulent relationship, Barney, Robin, Ted, Lily and Marshall gave us some great moments. Between Ted’s search for the right woman and his numerous failed relationships, we learnt what love is all about. At some point, we got so annoyed that in our heads we all planned an intervention for Ted to end his story.

Don’t lie now; I know all of you have thought about it!

But to kill the curiosity, we waited and suffered. From Blah Blah to nymphets that for some weird reason looked like Katy Perry, season after season, Ted’s failed relationships definitely outnumbered Barney’s one-night stands. And then finally we met Tracy… and at first hated her.

Admit it you all thought she wasn’t as pretty as you expected her to be.

But with her wit and one-liners she stole our hearts. And when she played “La Vi En Rose” on her bass at Robin and Barney’s wedding, we knew she was the one for Ted. But the nine years built up for what?


For her to fall sick and die? I mean seriously?!

What’s even worse is that we find out that Ted is still hung up on Robin, and guess what?—she reciprocates. Yes, Barney and Robin’s marriage doesn’t last long.

Oh dear Barney why you no be legendary in the last episode?

While some fans welcomed the end, many expressed their frustration—and if you haven’t guessed by now I belong to the latter group.  The twitterati however found no middle ground as tweets with #HIMYM and #HIMYMfinale flooded the social networking site:







And that’s how the Bro Code shut its doors once and for all, as a legendary failure! So what next?

Well… sigh a little and wait for How I Met Your Father to forget it all, and hope that it does not jump the chance of becoming a cultural milestone.

Shraddha Jandial

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