How long will the brave die and for whom?

Yet another brave man laid down his life while performing his duty. Delhi police’s most decorated inspector Mohan Chand Sharma’s sense of duty can never be forgotten by a true patriot. When the entire nation is sceptical of the response by the state machinery to terrorists, it’s the presence of such brave officers which provides a glimmer of hope. May his soul rest in peace and may his valiant act not go in vain.

But my only point is how long should brave and patriotic officers lay down their lives for the blunders committed by an incompetent government and coward politicians? The death of innocent people doesn’t matter to them; they are busy playing their own politics. The Central government has shown no inclination to counter terrorism and there is a complete absence of leadership. Moreover, allies of the government, like Mulayam Singh Yadav and Laloo Prasad Yadav have gone on record as saying that the Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) is being targeted in the country. So they are trying to convey that our investigation agency and our intelligence is a total failure and they are right. Should not action be taken against these two leaders for openly supporting the revocation of ban on SIMI? Are these politicians not as culpable as the ones who commit the dastardly acts of terror?

Terrorists will win, if an unspoken religious subtext defines and divides our political class. The main opposition party is leaving no stone unturned in harping on the reintroduction of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) and in criticising the Centre; but it has no time to focus on the problem and find a solution. At times I feel why the terror attack failed on December 13, 2001. I don’t want assurances and condolences anymore.

At the present moment the state looks weak, helpless and paralysed. Politicians are only concentrating on their vote banks and delivering parochial speeches to strengthen their position before the general elections. They just can’t act strongly in an hour of crisis. Shivraj Patil was more interested in dressing himself up when he was inspecting the blast sites. He is the wrong man for the job. The Prime Minister hasn’t addressed the nation for years on television now and is shying away from his responsibility and credibility by not convening the monsoon session of parliament. This is the new face of the world’s largest democracy. The nation, as a matter of serious planning and vision, has simply vanished from the agenda of those who are the known faces of our leadership and represent the decision-making apparatus of the country.

Our ministers are busy playing their cards right to improve their chances at the next elections; but none of them has ever shown any interest in pushing for reforms in the police force or giving more power to our security agencies or bringing in stringent laws or modernising our security apparatus. The information and broadcasting minister P.R Dasmunshi said that there was no need for special powers for the police to deal with jihadi terrorism. He even ridiculed the concern raised by the public over the recurring jihadi terrorist strikes across the country. The English daily ‘Hindu’ quoted him as saying, “Can anyone predict a terrorist strike? No government can prevent it.” So, going by his words, the innocent civilians of this country have no option but to keep dying at the hands of the terrorists. Do I need to say anything more?

I just want all of us to come forward and demand action from the government. A nation’s collective will is the biggest weapon against fissiparous tendencies. America and China have shown that. There should be a policy of ‘no compromise’ on internal security.

We all must prepare ourselves to eliminate this weed; we must get ready to face the wrath of these malevolent elements with the confidence of a victor. People’s power has shown the way before and this is the right time for all concerned citizens to come forward and gel as a force to reckon with. We have to decide how many more lives will force us to rise in revolt under one banner, namely the Tricolour. If you cannot, then I don’t want another inspector like Mohan Chand Sharma to lay down his life for the welfare of the callous citizens of the country. This is very true because only five per cent of Indians participated in the freedom struggle; the rest were too lazy and sadly it could be so this time too.

Come on!!

Rishabh Srivastava

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