Such Cowardice Wasn’t Expected From You, Salman!



On Friday, the Mumbai High Court granted Superstar Salman Khan bail, suspending his conviction in the 2002 hit-and-run case. Though the “actor with the golden heart” was proven guilty of culpable homicide, he is not going to the serve in the prison anytime soon. The legal luminaries all over the nation have been raising their eyebrows since then. That the legal system in the country is deeply flawed may not come as a surprise to us, but the fact that Salman Khan got away of the vortex so easily, reeks of corruption from every nook and corner. While the Salman Khan fans are celebrating the demise of justice, here is what an ardent fan has to say about her hero:

A lengthy and complicated saga of blame-games, the switch in the statements of the witnesses, vanishing witnesses, charge-sheets, (too) many courtroom scenes – doesn’t it sound like the perfect recipe for a hit Bollywood movie? Salman Khan, an actor known for his generous heart and outlandish attitude, has finally, been pronounced guilty of culpable homicide. The verdict is a provisional close to the hit-and-run case of 2002, the one in which “bhai” was accused of driving into few people sleeping on the footpath outside the American Express Bakery in an inebriated state.

From being the bad boy of Bollywood to being human, Salman Khan has courted controversies just like he has courted beautiful women. Though some brag about how kind the hero is, if you belong to the tinsel town, Salman Khan would be the last person you would want to have a brawl with. The verdict that has sentenced the actor to 5 years of imprisonment has been due for quite some time now.

In a true tareek-pe-tareek fashion, for 15 years, the Dabangg actor has tried every possible ruse to escape his punishment. From hiring expert lawyers to deceiving the court, Salman Khan did it all. And, I, being an ardent fan of his antics (that doesn’t include hunting animals and running over people) looked over all his deceptions, calling all his crimes, mere mistakes. Every time I broke into long rants of how benign the actor actually is, I would be rebuked for being sympathetic towards a criminal. The only argument I would present would be the instances of his charity work, much like lawyers did in the court, today.

Little did I know the gravity of the crimes he had committed! Little did I know that charity doesn’t cancel out the fact that he did kill one person while driving his car under the influence of alcohol!

Had I been still been as ignorant as I once was, I would have mourned the verdict, today. But, I don’t. The reason why I found the actor exceedingly charming was his precarious nature, his I-care-a-damn attitude. The most human of most of the “stars”, to my mind, he made mistakes and had the guts of owning up to them. That summed up the character of “Salman Khan” for me. However, the fashion in which he made the sensational disclosure after 15 years of the incident, that it was his driver who was behind the wheel, broke my heart. This cowardly transfer of blame to an innocent man wasn’t befitting for a man of his stature. Today, as I look back at all the posters I have been collecting of the “bhai” of Bollywood, I feel disappointed, not because of his tainted past but because all his charity work reeks of careful strategy.

Could his Being Human foundation be just a gimmick, a reason to pardon him from all his wrong doings?

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper