How The Mighty Are Forced To Fall


Bullies; at least some time in our lives we have encountered these hooligans who would either have their way or no way at all, who have excessively coerced, intimidated and forced people to accept their viewpoints. These bullies are so shallow and have the thinking of the size of a pea which just refuses to accept the varied other views.

They have always wanted their way and sadly have attained that too, either by hook or crook. Even if it means compromising on ones wishes over acquiring theirs, these bullies remain relentless in their stupidity and stubbornness, and pursue their wants and viewpoints unabashedly.

They survive on the vulnerabilities and use one’s desperation to attain their motive. They make one crumble to their inhuman and ugly forces of despotism and darkness, a darkness where there can never be any light, a darkness that grips everyone from their throat and suffocates the thoughts within, the very same darkness that makes one a zombie and give away their individuality just so to please the bullies.

This is the same darkness Karan Johar lost to.

The tensions surrounding the release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is palpable, with MNS threatening to thrash the cinemas who dare to release the move by publicly threatening them and many thousands already boycotting the movie while secretly swooning to its soundtrack; Karan Johar is in a bad space.

Finally, after maintain the respected silence over the issue, Karan Johar has finally spoken and sadly, he has spoken for nothing but the release of his move and have also supported and showed solidarity towards fellow Indians and the soldiers. But clearly, Karan Johar also chickened out and stumbled to the pressure of maintaining a production house and paying for it, he gladly and willingly fell into the trap of fanatics, wherein he stated that he won’t be working with any Pakistan-based actor in the future.

The patriotism of these fanatics also came to the forefront when they demanded the ban of this movie for the presence of Fawad Khan, but conveniently ignored the many Indians who worked in the movie whose source of income was threatened by such hooliganism. If this doesn’t explain irony in the best manner, I really don’t know what will.

Terror is bad in any form, be it the domestic terror or the one on the international front, and currently India is sandwiched between the terror of tyrannical thoughts and of course the terror that stems out of Pakistan.

The question that must haunt many is how banning of actors can ever help in curbing terrorism?

Bollywood has been politicized now and then, their freedom of expression has been compromised, their economy has been put at stake, yet politicization fails Bollywood in lending them the protection every citizen of our country deserves.

This whole instance reminded me the reason we watch movies. The reason remains as simple as the one to get entertained, when and how did our entertainment get politicized or got lost in the mayhem of things remains to be tracked. Next time while going for any move, make sure it is directed by an Indian who has portrayed Indian actors and is making them either sing or dance on Indian songs; only then the movie remains worth watching, otherwise it remains to be boycotted.

After all, when our gender, caste, religion and individuality are politicized, can creativity be far behind? When all the pillars of democracy have fallen to give rise to tyranny of thoughts, how shocking is the crumbling of the Bollywood industry towards such hooliganism?

There are a lot of bullies in our life, the last we need is the one big major bully in our government. And that, my friends, will bring forth the end of democracy and consequently celebrating the occurrence of tyranny.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper