How the World Sees Us…

Indian brains are much acknowledged world over. No wonder, today the country is looked upon as world’s largest talent incubators. Nonetheless, multinational companies known to inject best brain into the global system; are feverishly scouting for best talents among global enterprises.

According to leading recruitment companies, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa and the rest of the SAARC nations are looking forward to introducing fresh talent from India. According to Industry analysts, nearly 100 top level executives, and around 30,000 middle and junior level hiring’s will be probably carried out from India. Most importantly, in the coming years, the numbers are expected to soar higher.

Africa is looking forward to leverage India talent in the realm of telecom and mining spaces, while Singapore, Canada and US is looking to harness Indian talent in the realm of banking and finance, IT and semiconductor industries. Dubai and Malaysia are looking forward to recruit personnel for its construction and infrastructure verticals. UAE’s oil and gas sectors already have a sizeable number of Indian engineers and managers working on various projects.

According to a top official from a leading HR company, unlike other countries, India offers varied and quality talent. Moreover, our resource pool have proven track record when it comes to working in challenging and complex environments. Besides, they are looked upon as the safest bet for they are capable of replicating their success stories wherever they are placed.

Philippines is facing severe dearth of talent when it comes to filling top positions in its BPO industry. Consequently,the country has sourced many from India. Australia is again facing dearth of talent. Also Africa is looking forward to recruit Indians for its telecom vertical.

Many high-profile job positions are said to be vacant in countries like across France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Companies might start filling them up once the recovery steadily sets in; however, these companies don’t produce quality talent. So, obviously they have to turn to India to import talent in the realm of technology, financial services, investment banking, consulting, product engineering and R&D.

Furthermore to ease the import of quality talent, European Union will be getting its act together to introduce a uniform immigration framework. On the other hand, Indian professionals seem all set to take on the new challenges for they are not only warm and cordial in nature, but could also easily adjust to the new surroundings with effortless ease. Most importantly, they are confident enough to handle complex market and customer scenarios.

Mayur Dicosta