How to Eat, Drink and be Fit?

Ok do I have your attention now?

I feel that in the boobtube din of chips, sugary drinks, choco-honey loops and noodles we have forgotten some healthy eating basics which will keep you looking hot as well as feeling healthy. You think you are too young to have to bother about all that crap? Well here is some food for thought.

“If you eat whatever you want, whenever you want, as much as you want just because it tastes good, neither your weight nor your health will be what you wish them to be.  On the other hand, if you go to extremes to have the physique of an underwear model, there is a good chance your diet would be quite a long way from healthy. The sweet spot is actually where the pleasure you get from food that tastes good, added to the pleasure you get from food you feel good about having eaten- equals the greatest possible sum. This “point of preference” is not about sacrifice; it’s about getting the most net pleasure and quality in your life.  It’s where loving food, meets food that loves you back.”

So how do you achieve this balance between taste bhi, health bhi? No prizes for saying Maggi Noodles you television junkie!

You get this by eating Real Food ! Real Food is food made from ingredients that were never in a factory-without additives galore. Real food is what your great grandmother or her grandma would have recognized as food and eaten gladly. It means eating lots of fruits, vegetables, butter ghee, whole milk and if you are non-vegetarian , non-processed fish and meat (not Chicken-Mc-Nuggets.)

Eating healthy is not just for people diagnosed with Angina and blood pressure. It is for all of us – for life. It does not mean drinking lauki juice and having boiled vegetables.

It’s about these five things:

1. Eat Breakfast:
Make sure it does not come out of a packet but is cooked. Add some protein and natural fibre (fruits/veggies) to it.

2. Junk the junk: Treat processed stuff like cakes, colas, chips, candy, cereal, ice cream like a treat. To be had occasionally after having real food.

3. Put a cap on sugar: Yup glucose energy when un-needed does bad things to your blood sugar, takes you on a high followed by a crash. Meaning more cravings. And all that unneeded energy gets stored as Adipose. So do hold that sugar, HFCS, syrups…They are in everything. Drink unsweetened beverages and rely on fresh and dried fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. Skip the low fat, low sugar, enriched, no fat stuff: It is only chemical and sweetener laden crap that would put more stress on your system.

5. Eat healthy fats. Ghee, butter, olive oil egg yolks, nuts and seeds natural fats. Natural fats are what our body cells need-. Refined oils vegetable shortening and margarines do not nourish you.

6. Exercise everyday. Exercise builds honest appetite. Your body learns not to rely on emotional cues like boredom or stress to eat. Get outdoors with your friends for a walk, or hike, or game of football. Whatever you eat tastes even better.

Remember what you eat influences how you feel and look majorly.

Enough reason to try to eat well every day?

Varsha Tiwary

Indian Audit and Accounts Service (1994), has done her masters from Punjab University, Chandigarh and is presently Accountant General Madhya Pradesh. She has a daughter, eight & son, six years old and thinks that one’s ability to cope with age, motherhood, work compulsions are all enhanced by an attitude of fitness. Her blog Wholesome Options carries well-researched advise, personal experiences and experiments; not from the lofty heights of professional expertise but with all the compulsions of someone for whom fitness and wellness is all the more important because she has so much else to do in life and is listed as the Top Health Blogger in Wellsphere.

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