How to Improve Your Study Habits?

Examinations are used as tools in schools and colleges for the purpose of judging the performance of the students with regard to their academic excellence. Every student wants to score good grades in their examinations. While some score good grades, some fail. The following are found to be some of the reasons for their poor performance:

Late night preparation:

Till the time the dates for the examinations are announced, majority of the students are in the habit of avoiding their studies and they spend their valuable energy, money and time in unfruitful activities; however, some groups utilize their time in strengthening their non academic qualifications like – singing, sports, dancing, communicating, public speaking etc.

They are well aware that mere academic qualifications will not fetch them any employment in the job markets. Each student has to allocate at least three to four hours a day for examination preparations. The so called “eleventh hour preparation” will drive the students in restless situations and is always harmful both for mental and physical health.

Scheduling the time is a good habit and the student who is in the habit of planning his entire activities in a systematic manner will be successful not only in his academic career but also in his professional activities. Maintenance of good health: Maintenance of good health depends upon the factors like: required amount of sleep,
physical exercises and good diet habits.

A healthy body and mind are just as vital as studying during examinations. The importance of health and mind cannot be ignored. This in fact is the key ingredient to achieve success in examinations. Students need energy for their
bodies and minds throughout their examinations.

Students need at least seven to eight hours of sleep each day. This will help improve the memory power and concentration apart from reducing irritability. Emotional well being is achieved by spending time with family members and friends, engaging in some kind of play and reading of newspapers and magazines. Towards this direction, students should be educated to take some breaks during the period of exam-preparation activities.

Physical exercise is a must for toning up the body. Without keeping a good physique, students cannot perform well during examinations. The exercises include – relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, meditation,
creative visualizations etc. Relaxation exercises are useful in cooling down the body and mind which in turn is more helpful for better attention and concentration.

Good nutrition is a must for the students who are preparing for their examinations. Examinations require long lasting energy and nutrients that the body and mind require to concentrate while studying. The nature of food items consumed and the time during which the items are consumed are more important in keeping the students alert, focused and equipped to deal with pressure and stress. It is important to have a well balanced diet with essential nutrients such as
proteins, carbohydrates, zinc, calcium, vitamins and iron.

Gauri Sankar