How to Make a Habit of Succeeding?

Success is not a property owned by some specific group of people. In fact success belongs to those who are passionate about achieving excellence in whatever they do. Your key to personal success is through building a dynamic purpose. Purpose differs from goals, for purpose is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – the ideal that we seek.

Once we attain success in one endeavor, we look forward to another and again another which is still ahead of us. The key to any personal success is to have a definite purpose. People mostly go by the popular notion that happiness depends on external circumstances consisting of people like friends, superiors, relatives, colleagues and public apart from surroundings like temples, churches, mosques, playgrounds, cinema halls etc. In reality, we derive happiness through internal conviction, determined by character that is the direct result of this purpose.

The key to any personal success is in finding the power of purpose. More than 80 percent of the students studying in schools and colleges do not know the importance of the goals and this part of education is rarely imparted to them by their teachers, parents or elders.

Even though they are studying in their educational institutions, in order to attain the purpose – i.e. acquiring one educational qualification, instead of attaining the purpose through step by step goals, they are in the habit of wasting much of their time in undesirable activities. The purpose cannot be achieved or attained immediately and it is possible to reach the target or purpose only through achievement of goals by living each moment.

The purpose can be treated as long term vision whereas goals are short term achievements. Each moment with us should be allocated with some goals like going to the shop to purchase some goods; visiting the bank; attending to a patient and listening to music or a lecture etc. In other words, any activity planned for an achievement or performance can be defined as a goal and any activity performed without any purpose or goal can be defined as “deviation from goals”.

How goals can change our life style? The personal success is achieved through establishing a goal and the goals are concrete; measurable and related to a definite period. Everybody should fix his mind on the purpose with persistence and should take steps to search for that which he seeks, making use of all the accumulated knowledge and education which he already has or acquired from others. In fact, during every moment of attaining a goal, the individual enjoys a sense of achievement which in turn acts like an elixir for further course of action.

The success of the so called entrepreneurs, scientists and administrators is on account of their characters developed through “positive” habits towards achieving tiny goals leading to their long term purposes or targets.

Gauri Sankar