How To Make New Year Resolutions & Stick To Them


New Year Resolutions are an annual fad, which start blossoming in the month of December, and are at the zenith of their beauty in the first week of January, only to shrivel into deep abyss of oblivion till the end of January. So brief are they in their existence, that, like fashion, they are soon replaced by new resolutions, and some weeks down the New Year the resolution maker doesn’t even remember the content and context of the New Year resolution he had so arduously taken after so much deliberation.

I have also been the victim of this growing contagion since my childhood, and never been able to keep up my earlier New Year resolutions, I never the less continue making new ones. But keeping in tune with Darwin’s idea, the feeble mind has evolved into something better and eureka moments are not too inconspicuous. So it was not a complete surprise when the metamorphic light bulb illuminated the darkness engulfing me and I thought, “Why so serious?”

Now no one should think I am questioning the authenticity of the concept or the sincerity of those abiding by it. But why do we feel that our whole life revolves upon us making the “perfect” NYR and a minor deviation would deprive us of various riches to be unfurled in the ensuing year. Instead of letting go the mind into unchartered horizons while making an NYR, some basic rules could be adhered to, which in my humble opinion would go a long way in making us less vulnerable to dejections, rejections and depressions.

  1. Don’t be unrealistic

The most important reason people fail is not that they suffer from a weak constitution, but that they have made such a utopian resolution in the heat of the moment (or the month) that no sane person can keep up with it, however, hard he may try.

This is not to dishearten the bourgeoisie from giving up smoking or the guy who broke their hearts each month of the preceding year, but making plans like giving up on your favorite food because you think you are too fat for your pants, is the kind of resolution that you probably shouldn’t be making.

Make little, attainable goals that you know that you would be able to achieve such as keeping a tab of your Facebook addiction. Achieving these little goals will boost your self-esteem & hence prepare you better for the bigger goals.

  1. Pick one thing at a time

I am sure some of us must have gone through tough times this year, and are looking forward to make some major life changes in the coming year. However, instead of taking one huge life changing resolution, it’s better to go step by step & set up one goal at a time. If you succeed the first time, you can go ahead with much vigor & enthusiasm & introduce another positive change in your life after a month.

For instance, instead of taking a resolve to lose 5 kgs this year, you can resolve to go for a 10 minute jog every morning.

  1. Don’t keep it a secret

Keeping your New Year resolution a secret from others is in no way going to help you. Share it with friends & family so that they can support you in your efforts. However, avoid posting it all over your Facebook account. It is not required. Period.

  1. If you do it right, reward yourself

If you manage to successfully sail through the first few days, don’t forget to reward yourself. Gift yourself a little piece of jewelry or get a good book. Encouragement will definitely help you in sticking to your resolution in the long run.

  1. Avoid revisiting memory lanes

Never make a resolution that had been out there in one of the previous years. Because right from the start, the negative feeling associated with the resolution last year would constantly linger on the horizon, thwarting the view and enfeebling the mind.

  1. Keep a track/record

Making resolutions and not keeping a record of the progress is as good as flushing them down the drains each morning. Regular monitoring makes us more vigilant and less prone to forgetfulness. You may be a smartphone or a laptop guy; you might be more comfortable with a diary or a notebook, or anything else. Pick your meat, and stick to it.

  1. Be ready for failure

New Year resolutions carved in stone have never been possible on this planet called earth, and never will be. So do not be disheartened if you are not able to achieve your resolution like you had envisioned in the first go. Make changes down the way, add a few things, remove a few, a little push here and a little pull there, and you will surely get the proverbial prince’s kiss and be transformed from the impractical frog to the princess.

-Ananya Singh

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