How to make the Bomb

In the beginning we had a great divide and we fought. Then a great tree fell in Delhi and all the ground beneath it shook. Only the Sikhs felt the shaking though. Then we had Godhra followed by the “greatest“ massacre witnessed by independent India. Now in Orissa, we have a murdered swami and sheer persecution. In Karnataka, we have some pamphlets and burnt down churches. News from Assam reports a similar pattern.

What we have here seems to be a perfect confirmation of Newton’s law. Action and reaction. Cause and effect. Or so we are told!

At the outset, I am of a different opinion. I will not buy the above cause and effect theory nor see it as a justification. But the truth would be much crueler to me and an inconvenience to many. Since such opinions of an individual have no bearings upon the society at large (unfortunately), I will confine my scientific analysis in determining the basic ingredient of the so-called cause and effect theory.

The keyword in all the above cases is communal. We have communal violence, communal forces, communal riots, communal segregation, communal isolation and so on. Ironically, the dictionary introduces the word communal with the following words, “Benefitting a particular group”. Along our journey we seem to have lost the first part of this introduction. This, or we have reached the dawn of those days where what benefits one community must necessarily spell the destruction of all the other nearby communities. Maybe we have reached that stage where a particular community feels so threatened or is forced to convince itself that the only way it can progress is by seeing to the destruction and poisoning of all other communities. Godhra, Orissa, the metro blasts. If these are not the symptoms of an epidemic disease, what is?

Based on the most vague and abstract of concepts, individuals are pitched into one communal camp or the other. In the beginning these formations and unities do help the communities to prosper and develop. The formation of communities bring about a spirit of unity among the community members. The community focuses its energy in solving its internal weakness and provides a helping hand to each other in their path towards progress. But within a short duration of time, leadership evolves within these communities. Certain individuals within the community become more associated with the running and authority of the whole community. Power and authority increases gradually but firmly and after some time takes on sinister forms just to keep the power centers intact. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Then, the whole energy of the community is spend in defending and keeping dignity of the power centers and spokespersons of the community. The particular individuals, on the other hand, corrupted by the status they enjoy, are always on the lookout for ways to keep their status intact. It becomes in their interest to make sure that the community is always downtrodden. These leaders steer their communities in every direction but the correct direction. A community that was formed to overcome the mountains is seen settled on the mountain’s foot protecting and praising its leaders.

As these communities were formed based on the most abstract concepts, no one dares to question the all knowing leaders. Because that would be blasphemy, and god forbade blasphemy.

Now here, we have a generation of followers of blind faith – armed to the teeth with sickles, lathis, petrol bombs, swords and chains. They are ready for the ultimate sacrifice and are ready to protect the dignity of those concepts and beliefs which they never really understood in the first place. Stating tradition, culture and ancestral knowledge as the reason, they deprive themselves the faculty to think. Logic, common sense and science are equated with heresy. And to think, it is through this quagmire that India wishes to lead the world.

The cause is clear. It is our ignorance and our stubbornness to stay in this state. Our ability to think and question is sold for some sort of magic beans. And this is how we make the ultimate bomb. Create different communities, bury them in ignorance and decay, and when ripe, pull the trigger by shouting “we are in danger”.

Raji A Rauof

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