How We All Get Mystified By Babas And Patriarchy

#BeliefOverTruthNeedless to say, we all constantly do worry about how our future would be like, will it be as struggling as our past or as monotonous as our present. Everyone wants to know what will happen, and will we get the happy life we all think we deserve. Hence, the guilty excursions to a tarot card reader or a palmist.

However, these are basic and quite expensive guilty pleasures that happen due to some future-teller, who just eases them about the uneasiness people have over their future. They can do a detailed surgery of your kundli, and brand you a manglik and convincing the parents to get them married soon, because some planet is aligned in one dimension or another. They can make you change your name, or add an extra ‘A’ for good luck or long happy life.

As per the wise words of Voltaire, superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy, the mad daughter of a wise mother. These daughters have too long dominated the earth.

No matter whether we believe it or not, they do tend to instill within us a fear, fear of knowing the known and not acting for it. However, there are many people who do act resultantly, in the hope of a better world, filled with happiness, love and some patriarchy too.

After an astrologer told a family in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh that their daughter-in-law would have a girl, instead of showering the girl with happiness and blessings, they showered her with acid. Already blessed (read cursed) with having a daughter, the parents didn’t want to repeat the same mistake and thus decided to take matter in their own hand, by burning her stomach. The mother-in-law made sure of upholding the patriarchy and not tarnishing the family name further.

The poor woman is recovering from 30 % burns. The mother-in-law who committed the sin, is already on the run, while the husband and father-in-law have been arrested. How uncanny it is that the women who should be fighting patriarchy are the ones upholding it?

The Ekta Kapoor improvised mother-in-law just turned real for this woman. Did she actually depict the true mothers in our dysfunctional families? Either our mothers are too docile or ridiculed upon, or they are the evil aunties who would do anything just to uphold the patriarchal and biased norms.

This one incident unearthed two aspects under which our society has been reeling and crumbling. One, it shows the blind faith and adherence towards the Babas of our country who can get away with anything and everything because of their mysticism; second, how some women don’t aid others and further amplify the pain, biasness and the unjust acts. Why can’t we have the courage to unfollow the path that leads to patriarchy? How deeply is the concept embedded in our minds that even after suffering, we tend to inflict the same on others?

We, in general, want nothing do with chaos, or thoughts that manage to shake up the established order. We would follow babas, easily compromising on our individuality and mindset, because apparently, he can help us avoid the chaos of the future, by telling us about it and giving ways to alter or avoid it. On the other hand, thoughts that are stirring up patriarchy are uprooted with violence and heinous crimes, which are indeed punishable by law. We would do anything, but not deviate from the path of patriarchy no matter how unfair it is. We will make sure that the next generation face the same reluctance to life, as we did, because that is how it is supposed to be.

Who knew, even pain, and lack of choice is hereditary, being passed on from one generation to another?  Do we lack courage, or the ability to come face to face with a change? Do we fear chaos of our mind, and would prefer to relax back into normed life despite its mindlessness?

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper