HP Laser Printer

HP laser printers are one of the most commonly used printers in this country. They are affordable, easy to use and efficient. Hewlett Packard also provides great service to its customers and spare parts are easily available. The tentative price list of HP printers is as shown below.

Network HP Laser Printers Colour
The Colour LaserJet 2600n HP Laser printers which are valued at (INR) Rs.19,800
The LaserJet 1320n HP Laser printers valued at (INR) Rs.21,000
The LaserJet P2015dn HP Laser printers valued at (INR) Rs.27,000
The LaserJet P2015dn HP Laser printers valued at (INR) Rs.28,000
The Colour LaserJet 2700n HP Laser printers valued at (INR) Rs.29,000

Black and White HP Laser Printers
HP LaserJet P1008 Printer which holds at (INR) Rs.7,599
HP LaserJet P1007 Printer which holds at (INR) Rs.5,590
HP LaserJet 1018 Printer  which holds at  (INR) Rs.5,999
HP LaserJet 1022 Printer series which holds at (INR) Rs.10,599
HP LaserJet P2015 Printer series which holds at (INR) Rs.16,599

HP LaserJet 1020 Printer series which holds at (INR) Rs.7,699
HP LaserJet P2010 Printer series which holds at (INR) Rs.14,299

As can be seen from the tentative price list that these printers can cost anywhere from as low as Rs. 5,500 to as high as Rs. 29,000. This is the beauty of HP products; they will provide an entire range in terms of features and affordability. No wonder why they are one of the most popular brands in the country.

HP is one of the key players, when it comes to printers in the markets. HP cartridges are long lasting and are economical in use. They give vibrant colours and deep blacks. The quality of print given my HP is outstanding.

The drivers for HP products are easily available online so incase you have formatted your computer and cannot find the driver anymore, do not panic just go to their website and download the required driver. With HP giving you such high quality prints, reading the ‘fine print’ becomes much easier.