Deep down in the cavernous chasm
The beams gleam like glittery gold
Willowy Catkins and junipers jazz
Together as the skies drowned in drone

In times of stress
They often wonder
Is life a mess?
Or just a blunder

Dead in the love of dead
They refuse to tread
Those serpentine trails and mount
Those valleys of enough wails

Demented by the sight of dawn
They spread their cloak of warmth
To let out the birds of billion bruises and burns
Incarcerated forever in a dark dungeon

Surpassing all others in the fair game of life
They finally have their way after all the strife
Wonders never fail to beckon our self same soul
For our destiny is draped in dime and dole

The day of immense drudgery
Melts in billowy brown
As the dusk sets in
And the stars reign over blue
They, in their haven of explicit serendipity
Recline and repent amidst the colors so few

Maria Zafar

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