Humane Mouse Traps

For all those rat lovers who can’t bear to see them get hurt every time they are caught, humane mouse traps are the answer. Even though rats might be the biggest enemies to your clothes, food and overall hygiene, some might say they are cute, while some might get disgusted just by the sight of them lurking around their house.  Many mouse traps have been designed which are really effective when it comes to catching a mouse, but humanely speaking, hurts the mouse immensely. Even though there are a lot of humane mouse traps which are found in the market, in my opinion making homemade humane mouse traps are the best thing to do. It is interesting to see how different people have developed their own humane mouse traps and there are some really effective yet simple to make mouse traps. The best thing about homemade humane mouse traps is that doesn’t require any expenditure and can be made out of almost anything.

Below it is described how humane mouse traps can be created by you at home.

  1. Bucket Trap –

Materials required – A deep bucket, tissue roll, cardboard, thermocol strip, cheese or cereal (bait), table higher than the bucket.


Cut the tissue roll in half and keep it on the cardboard with one of its opening at the edge. Keep the cheese under it. Place the cardboard on edge of the table in a way that the slightest of the weight on it will result in the cardboard falling down. Keep the bucket right under the cardboard. Take the thermocol sheet and create a slope for the rat to climb upon. Attach it to the table with a duct tape if required. Keep the setup where you think the mouse might come and wait for it to get caught in your humane mouse trap.

Now you don’t have to feel bad every time a mouse gets caught in your humane mouse trap as not only is it safe from any kind of pain, but also gets to enjoy the remaining cheese in the bucket while you go out and get rid of the mouse.