Humanity in a Dire Sight

Slavery as a societal form is known to have disappeared from the face of earth centuries ago but its traces have managed to survive history and can been seen prevailing even today in various forms in our society. The most vicious form of slavery in this 21st century world comes in the form of Human Trafficking.
Human trafficking is the illegal and offensive practice of dealing in or trading of human beings as commodities.

It mainly confines to the most vulnerable section of the society, poverty stricken struck families, runaway teenagers, drug addicts or refugees. The target groups of this crime are children and women from young to middle age groups. They are lured by fiend traffickers’ false promises of employment, education, marriage and high living standards fall prey to their foul business or are forcefully thrown into the ‘market’. At times children and young girls are in fact sold to the traffickers in exchange of good cash by the downtrodden parents.

The victims of trafficking, held captive against their will are forced to work or provide services to the traffickers or to those whom they are sold to and are seldom paid for their work. The work ranges from prostitution, working in strip clubs, pornography to other non sex-based illegal jobs like adoption, organ trafficking, begging etc. These victims are kept in most inhumane circumstances and unhygienic conditions are the ones who arethus become most susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS and also toalong with other chronic diseases. They are exploited and debarred from the basic human rights of life and dignity. Hundreds from Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and South America are trapped in this human trade every year.

They are then supplied to countries like Thailand, South Africa and Middle East countries where humanity looses seems to have lost all its goodness and dreams and faith are shattered by the impregnable blow of brute reality. Human trafficking needs to be stopped. Policies and programmes must be established to protect the vulnerable groups and measures for their welfare and upliftment must be undertaken by the government of the country.

As this issue generally rises from severe poverty and illiteracy, awareness of families against this malpractice should must be undertaken at the lowest level of the society. Government and other local bodies should also make sure that no family becomes so incapacitated by poverty that they take the extreme step of selling one of their own children to feed the others. The victims, who are rescued from the traps of the traffickers, must be taken care of and should be rehabilitated so that they feel safe and secured.

For the survival of humanity, this grave and malign business needs to be addressed immediately by all the developing 3rd world countries (both developing and under-developed) which are the most trafficking prone areas of the world. Trafficking in any form is an assault to humanity and civilization. To extirpate this atrocious crime an effort is required both individual and community level. The criminals reside amongst us and we should be the one to recognize and eliminate them. Only then can we call ourselves civilized citizens of this world.

Amrita Sarkar