Humanity is Calling

While travelling on the road

You see different kinds of people,

Some are nicely dressed and well bread

While others are barely covered.


You feel like talking to the ones

Who drink coffee in the restaurant,

You feel they are so nice

Because they have money to flaunt.


What about that person

Who is lying on the roadside?

Seasons change with changing times

But there is no place for him to hide.


You feel why did God make them,

What role do they have to play?

But who are you to decide that

like him you too are made of clay.


You feel like sharing ideas

With the one who drives a car,

To narrow the earthly distances

You travel even very far.


What about that person

With whom you distance your heart?

How easily you move away,

And decide it s time to part.


He has no home to welcome you

But is that what you require?

Then why you say always

Love is only what I desire.


You feel like making your friend,

Him who will give you greetings and gifts,

Because he offers tempting dishes

In your guest book he easily fits.


What about that person

Who strives to get a meal a day?

Who cannot offer you much

Because of his unjust little pay.


If he is with you anywhere

You give a heartless smile,

Which is so fake and unfriendly

That it stays for a short while.


When a coin from others millions is lost

You threaten world peace to find it,

Else you know he will destroy

Your wealth and power which is a myth.


But what about that person

Who will help you without selfishness,

From whatever he has, though little

Whenever you are in a mess.


Still you will not change

Not help him live peacefully,

Never will you hold his hand

But will always remain a bully.


You feel the shine is divine

That comes from worthless gold,

You think the situation on your side

Easily you can mould.


Ihave faith that

With passing times you will know,

Your thoughts, your minds

And your hearts will grow.


You will love a man

For his richness of thoughts,

You will break free one day

From these futile knots.


Listen to this call of humanity

Which is withering and crying,

To wake you up from your sleep

Since ages it has been trying…


Puja Wattal