Humming Of the Humans

‘Thanks for listening’, ‘I appreciate you lending me your ear’. These statements usually balloon after a conference, an official meet or some formal gathering, but going into the depth of the terms, they can be identified with an essential everyday need of a person.

Fading into the lights of daily routine and donning a face that makes us acceptable in the society, we tend to forget the joy of sharing, sharing nothing materialistic but a part of yourself with someone you care about, someone you trust, someone with who you can share your thoughts.

This world prefers a farce over tragedy. Romance of the life lies in streamlining certain haphazardness, but ‘I Stand Alone’ can never be the answer, whether it’s the click of a dolphin , a woof of a dog, a moo of the cow or a squeak of the squirrel the desire is to be heard.

Flickering through so many lives in our span, we remember people who bridge the emotional gap, a minute can suffice to know someone and at times an era falls short to know the other.

Viewpoints, ideas, plans, concepts and notions they all are handy when communicated and heard. Grunting through our soul existence we have a ‘natural’ fundamental right, the right to be heard. The diversity in thought is a beautiful blend of colors which when combined can give sights as spectacular as a rainbow.
Streaming down the river of thought our little kayak needs company, bulky thoughts can drown and adequate ones can lead to unmatched balance when catastrophe in the form of torrents strikes.

However, the problem strikes in the part where everyone wants to be the passenger and no one wants to drive, each soul is ready to yell, scream, speak, blurt but who is ready to listen?

The grieving person of today can show empathy towards others tomorrow, but once the struggle of one’s own mind is solved no one wants to step in and play ‘the cushion role’. Brutal selfishness curtails, the answer lies in a set of words as simple as ‘tell me, am all ears’.

Speak and more importantly listen, observe how much your close one’s have to give, to say .The taste of bliss will get more sugary with every second and you’ll feel the warmth grow.

The world is round and we are living here, Karma is not a bitch it’s a simple wheel, bound by repetition, give it grassy land and that’s what you get back, give it jagged rocks and you know what is coming your way.

So chirp, chuckle, growl, whistle, tweet, grunt, whine and squeal together. Lend a ear, make time for that, remember, humming is always melodious when done harmoniously.

Dhananjay Bhardwaj

Hailing from City Beautiful, Chandigarh, the author is a graduate in commerce from Punjab University. Apart from writing, he is fond of reading, travelling and photography. An avid fan of psychedelic rock, he enjoys watching English Premier League football, loves pets and I owns a parakeet.