It was supposed to be just another day, until I got into the auto and heard Enrique Iglesias crooning one of his mysteriously melancholy numbers inside. Well, I was a little taken aback at first and then a smile spread across my lips as if asking me to take a hiatus from the spiral of “cynicism” that my mind has been diving into for quite some time. It wandered for some time to the tempting proposition; and then I was back as I am, every time.

Well, it has not been easy to always see through the illusion that it is all good; that we as a civilization are making progress every day, moving towards a better future. But to a keen observer, the truth is hard to hide. Underneath the deftly crafted cloak of charm and splendor, lies a seething mass of primal hostility in each human being. Let survival instinct kick in and see how fast, the notions of humanity disappear into smoke. This certainly is not meant as a critique on human character in any way. This is just a reaffirmation of the simple truth that on many levels, we still very much are primates.

We have developed a very intriguing quality during the course of this long journey however, which has become an integral part of our character. The single most important addition to the arsenal of human expression; yes it’s our everlasting companion – the one that we love and treasure the most “Hypocrisy”. Don’t we just love it? Every time we say something and do the complete opposite, it’s such an empowering and gratifying experience. To go back on our word; to renege and recant on our views the first chance we get, yes that’s us. Learn to fake sincerity and there’s not a lot in this world that you cannot achieve.

There are a lot of other moral transgressions that may make us take a better look at ourselves in the mirror, but not this. The number of times that we do it knowingly or inadvertently on a daily basis is evidence enough of how far it has become second nature to us. Denial is absolutely unnecessary although more often than not, an essential step to acceptance. Once we accept that we are a race of inveterate liars and hypocrites, it becomes considerably easier and the time soon comes, when we start doing it effectively without even knowing it ourselves. Everybody does it. No one is above it. We all are part of a big happy family practicing it as a religion. Curse and berate the ones who do it and then go ahead and give it a shot yourself. That’s again hypocritical itself; reminds me of recursion. Well, call me a fatalist, a realist or just plain pessimist, what cannot be refuted is the truth about what we are- a morally deceased sect of inherently barbaric beings with primal instincts. How far we have come since the good old caveman days.

Commendable….don’t you think?

Abhishek Mandal

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