I’m a BOY. I’m born in Middle Class!

And the complete family rejoiced on that cry of a boy born in a middle class family. And you can hear the screams enthrilled and filled with all the excitement and happiness “Mere Laal”, “Mera Chiraag”, etc. From the grandfather to the chachu (dad’s younger brother), everyone is celebrating. All get into the organising the function that sets the event to welcome that little master to home.

And that boy enters the home…….

All eyes set on him and the complete family starts weaving dreams about him and each one of them  sets a separate unique life for him. From his name to the first school he will join , and to what he should become and marrying what sort of girl is all decided in few hours. All giggle but do that lil boy even gets a hint of what is going around and what all they are enjoying? Are they happy with the thought of his arrival in home or about weaving dreams for him, a new topic of discussion and congregation though?

And neither too soon but nor too late life dawns upon him…..

He grows seeing his parents getting all his’ demands fulfilled. He perceives everything to be all happy-go-lucky. As the child nuances supposed to be, same is the case with him. The atrocities life can endow one with has not sink in. And eventually when he notices his mom sob one fine evening, his dad little gloomy for he couldn’t fulfill his’ wife’s demands. And the next few days a lull that surrounds space. But to his surprise everything is normal in front of him. And then he sees this cycle repeat every few months and at times few days. And he too gets used to it. However this complete cycle has occupied a special place in his’ subconscious mind. He also goes to school, puts his demands before parents as usual. And as always they are fulfilled. A friend in his sibling arrives one day. And he thinks of sharing his world to him/her. But he finds himself in the shoes of his parents. And he does the same. He also hides all the sad gloomy stories from his sibling and wants him/her to enjoy the life fullest. And it is now when he realizes the reason behind his’ parents’ attitude.

And there are statements that come on him like words of lifetime…..

I’m a boy. I’m the elder child of my parents. I’m born in a bourgeoisie. And these words haunt him all over again and keep striking his temporal lobes.

But Life is not about cribbing about things that can’t be changed. However one needs to accept the facts and face the Life with zeal and enthusiasm and take over it. He tries to balance between his passions and his family demands. He feels it important to fulfill his parents dreams. He sees it in his dreams to be a promising elder sibling. He breathes and sense responsibilities that would never let him go and that he anyhow can’t escape. But now he is not unhappy about it. He just thinks of making things happen his way.

What all did he do from his teens to ‘ties? (a quick glimpse)

He took his XI subjects what his parents wanted to. He worked hard to shine bright in XII results to get a free engineering seat in a good college. This definitely brought appreciations and acknowledgements from all near and far relatives. But did he ever want to pursue an Engineering? Then he works in an organization which gives him a handsome salary for his parents to flaunt about. Though his parents want him to study further and he might also want to do that. Once again being a student is what everyone would die to do. He didn’t get into a relationship as to hurt his’ mothers sentiments. He might have flirted well but then he doesn’t want to hurt his’ own sentiments even. That made him a 22 years old guy who still has “single” as his facebook relationship status. He wonders if it will be directly converted to “married” sans going through the phase “committed”. After all he doesn’t want to hurt his mom’s feelings by loving a girl who his parents and mother especially don’t approve of. But he is said to live of his own accord. Waoh!! What a life.

But he just relaxes and ponders about it. And he is not sad about dismissals of his choice and priorities. After all his parents deserve all these sacrifices without even mentioning them once. Still it would be nothing in front of what they did for their kids.

And today he is a happily married man with a kid and living with his parents giving them all the comforts he can and has crossed the line of that middle class and you can call him to be the once swinging between upper middle class and rich class soon to be on the upper edge of the sect of society.

And after listening to this tale we realize how many such stories would have gone unnoticed in this booming India. How many teens would have let their teens go like that. How many would have given away their dreams and passions for the sake of the tag middle class and their parents living a comfortable life. But there would be still people thriving in that middle class but yet happy about it as they are one family living together.

But the question is “Is this a human psyche or an Indian psyche?” “Why there is dependency like such?” And above all “Is it worth it?”

Karanvir Gupta