I Am An (Ugly) Indian Woman And You Have My Pity

Ugly Indian Women

They say knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss. And this journalist has proven (quite successfully, might I add) that a combination of both is a deadly cocktail of the foolhardy. So I am breaking his gigantic and gluttonous bubble of lies, hate, shaming and disgust. Mr Matt I-am-obsessed-with-India Forney, this toast is for you. Read on.

Word of caution: I am going to deride, defile, generalise and judge you, sir, because you have done the same. (Indian) Women multiply everything generously; population much?

For the dabbler, this write-up aims to rip apart shaming. The aforementioned Chicago-based author, journalist and entrepreneur ruffled some feathers after he stereotyped “Indian” “woman”. You can read his post here, though I would advise against it. But if you want to get enlightened on things you were previously unaware about, go ahead and click.

Dear Sir,

You confused me at the headline. But my inquisitiveness got the best of me and I happened to read your article, completely. As much I would hate to admit, I am offended – it is an Indian trait again. You missed it. We Indians get insulted by anything and everything; you must meet members of our Censor Board, I tell you. What I am certain about, is the fact that you have achieved your life goals. Your post must have had a decent traction, congratulations. Negative propaganda is better than no propaganda at all. Spreading hate in style, eh?

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If I keep aside your preposterous, ridiculously-offensive and injudicious plot premise, I’d say you were jilted by an Indian woman. So were you in an unrequited relationship with an oh-so-ugly woman from India? I mean, you write things like dating an Indian woman in the west is one of the worst decisions one can make – because they “combine the worst of their native culture and the worst of American culture in one disgusting, rancid stew”. Alright, so I have never visited your country and I am not a non-resident Indian. I do not know of the culture-confusion you brought to fore. Maybe you know better? Or maybe you are a confused burger-choking-obese-loner in a big country.

Mr Forney, have you been to India though? Where do you channel your obsession from? You are clearly all about Indian women; you seem to know them all.

So you write on how we are ugly. You have Nina Davuluri’s picture complementing your post, and you are clearly saddened by her Miss America title. You write how all of us are results of bad genes and sex-gone-wrong with our Coke-can physiques – all of us, mind you; every single one us. God, you know us all, we pray to thee.

You do everything you possibly can, to fat-shame us. You talk about our ‘unappealing’ bodies like you are master sculptor who knows all about anatomy. You talk about body hair and obesity-prone genetics because you lack brainpower. Were you born daft or did you acquire it on the go?

You are an insult to your family – to the woman who birthed and raised you, your sisters, aunts, etcetera. Oh wait, have you abandoned them all?

If ‘banging’ an “Indian” “woman” is akin to thrusting your penis into a vacuum cleaner, you might just go right ahead and do it. It is true that many of us have reservations about sex, but to call us all prude is uncalled for, right? I suggest you get adventurous with your vacuum cleaner since you know all about us. Let me switch it on for you too.

Booze, babe and banging, sweet Lord! Is this an American trait?

Self-loathing and feminists! You man of misogyny – get some tutoring. You are a global offender and playing the feminism card won’t strengthen your case. You are the reason America is looking at Donald Trump as a leader.

I refuse to stoop to your levels of hideousness, but if your blog was Theon Greyjoy, I’d Ramsay Snow it. You are fighting grave issues (not with the world, but with yourself) sitting in a peaceful corner of your ever-expanding and enormous country.

You, sir, are a disgrace – to your country and its women. And as an Indian woman, I’d rather spend my time uplifting my esteem, reading quality books and watching good films, than heeding paupers like you.

Prerna Mittra

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