I Am In a College Now

In general, parents’ choice dictates our clothing and lifestyle till we are in high school. After that when we are at the verge of stepping into a college, we want to feel a sense of independency. We want to live our life our own way. Hence, we begin deciding our fashion choices and lifestyle.

Previously, we were wearing clothes, which were somehow fit, comfortable and clean. Hardly did we used to care about our shoes, wallet, waist belt, wristwatch, hairstyle and other many things. Now we want our own wardrobe. We now keep an eye on what is trendy. We seriously think about what to wear and what not to wear.

There are also many differences between boys and girls regarding the motivation behind being so careful about their fashion sense. Mostly boys become fashion-conscious to become college rock stars by impressing the most beautiful girl in college. On the other hand, girls also have inclination towards boys but they want to be best among girls or college wannabes rather than wearing something to impress the most handsome one.

But still every college boys and girls want to be the best. Particular groups in college have their unique way of expressing themselves. Dramatics group in college do wear “Black Kurtas” many a times. Choreography group wear very trendy dresses and have funky hairstyles. Some literary groups wear very formal dresses. Traditional music groups are found in traditional dresses with boys in “Kurta and Chooridar Payjama” and girls in “Kameej-Salwar”. Different rock bands follow their rock stars’ styles.

Also sports-playing groups are found in track suits and shorts. Gym fanatics are found in sleeveless t-shirts to show off their body. Bollywood and sports events have their own effects. Sometimes boys follow Aamir Khan “Gajini” hairstyle, while sometimes it’s David Beckham. Girls follow Kareena Kapoor “Jab We Met” “Kameej-Salwar” and other famous styles of their favorite actresses. Also when there is festive mood in colleges, when different college’s students gather at a same place, then competition becomes even stiffer. Everybody wants to be at his/her best.

Everybody wants to be Mr. College and Ms. College. So there are many general tips, suggested for both boys and girls.
First and foremost, find the clothing that suits your personality. Do not carry too much hair-wash, body soap, cologne or deodorant on your body. Pick a brand that suits your persona but do avoid very strong smelling products. Get five or four pair of denims of different wash and wear them alternately. Have six to seven short sleeve t-shirts of neutral colors.

Have decent color sweaters and jackets for winters. For warm weather flip-flops and shorts are common choices. Have two to three manly sunglasses also. For dates with your girlfriend, wear a collared shirt with dark pants. A classic wrist watch and a belt will add to perfection. For job interviews and presentations, get a black business jacket. And most importantly have a hair and beard style that looks good on your face and body.

Don’t try to be outrageous. There are some common tips for girls also. Buy some girlish color (pink is must to have) t-shirts and tank tops. Have some solid pair of jeans. Get two to three pairs of ballet flats in light colors. You should have two to three pairs of sweat pants and sneakers also. For professional outfits, have a white blouse, one black skirt and a pair of black heels with a nice & cute watch. If your face is child-like then keep a short hairstyle and if you are a mature looking girl then have long hairstyle.

Apart from above tips both boys and girls should have their college name engraved t-shirts to express college spirit. Also don’t miss any bollywood or current trend if it goes well with you. It makes you look noticeable and others jealous. Don’t wear 1971 in 2011. In the end, whatever you wear, whether you are a boy or a girl, the most important aspect is it must match your personality. It will make you feel confident, just your fashion sense must be in proportion with your looks.

Sumit Goyal