I Arise and Awake Now…

Rising SunHope, life, existence…

Bound in this never ending string of togetherness…

For what would life be…if devoid of hope…

With the joy of existence sucked out of it

Knowing that there is still a tomorrow to live,

Another sun to rise,

Another ray to glisten the corners of my gloomy heart,

That there is still that one unfulfilled wish trapped waiting for complete fulfillment,

As I see the first rays of the rising sun,

Streak across the darkness of the night before

Once awaiting to devour my every dream,

I can’t help but get a sense of reassuring hope

To set me through this cold and bitter night.

The dark, black night,

Extending itself as if it were to be an abyss

Swallowing all my desires, dreams, aspirations.

But then I see the new dawn beckon me

Beckon me to brighter prospects,

I see the light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining.

As the first rays of the new sun of dawn burst forth,

Dispelling the fear and anguish in my heart

I arise and awake now,

With a new sense of hope empowering me in every which way

To face the dark, mysterious world

With a small lamp of contention

That I too stand a chance.

Amanjit Singh Khanna