I Can Change The World

I was listening to Ben Harper’s ‘I can change the world… with my own two hands’ and was wondering… is it actually possible through my individual actions to change the world?

The world is full of preachers than doers. Maybe I am one of them too. We keep complaining about the society, the environment, administrative bodies. But the question is, if we had the power what would we do to change the world? A very important belief of the day is ‘Youth has power’. We all have the power in our own two hands and many among us have the vision to change the world for good and to make the world a safer and brighter place. The little things that we do everyday can make a substantial difference to the human race. There is a little question that buzzes inside me ‘Where do I start from?’

A whopping threat that our planet is facing today is environment degradation and climate change. We are solely responsible for the danger our environment is facing today! Starting from the core is necessary. Small things that we do everyday affect the planet to a great extent. So why not start with the small things of life. I can change the world by being environment friendly, ceasing wastage of water, electricity and renewable energy.

An exceeding number of us do not take the responsibility but have a chronic habit of criticizing others although we fail to accomplish our own duties. Not many of us turn off the computer at night after using it. The excuse is ‘It was a long and tiring day’. This results into colossal wastage of electricity on a daily basis. We think its ‘cool’ to stay online the entire day… so we just log ourselves to the messenger and leave the computer powered on indefinitely. This ‘cool’ activity is heating up the atmosphere around us; this is not something we realize without being pointed out.

Water is tax free in my city. So who cares to save water? Not many…

There is tremendous waste of water because water supply is in abundance here. Not many of us realize that the glory of abundant water is only superficial. There are leaks in taps and pipes but no one bothers because we are accustomed to the 24hour water supply. Who cares if 2000 litres of water is escaping through these leaks in the taps and pipes? Water conservation is extremely necessary to conserve our environment. There will come a point of time, when there would be scarcity of drinking water!

I am sure all of us have noticed that we are getting very short winters nowadays and long hot summers. And the winters are not very chilly. We are in the danger of loosing an entire season! The reason for this is nothing but global warming. Environmental degradation and global warming is continuously leading to water contamination, health problems resulting in breathing problems and other physical ailments, Land/soil degradation, Deforestation, Demographic characteristics of the population in India, and Pollution from energy production and consumption in India. Intensified economic activities are also one of the major causes of environmental pollution and global warming. Use of fossil fuels is a very important cause. There are international climate champions and Intergovernmental climate change forums who are actually taking steps towards these major issues. There are even business organizations which are taking steps to have their production in an environment friendly way. We need to think about the related issues like shortage of food or energy. What should I do to mitigate it? I am just to make small changes like turning my computer off when I am not using it, do recycling, and put an effort to plant trees etc in my everyday’s life. The usage of renewable energy in our homes will cut down on the electric consumption and cutting down on the wastage of water will save our ozone layer from further depletion. Small things like planting saplings and using environment friendly materials can make a big difference. So we all need to put in are our little efforts to save our environment and mitigate global warming. If we are looking for kids making a positive difference to save trees, we need to give a proper environmental education to them from the scratch… opening of active Nature Clubs in school is an appealing beginning. We need to understand that it’s our own betterment that will lead to the betterment of the universe as a whole.

Being an individual we can actually do a lot to affect the climate change and the environmental stature. Reducing on carbon emissions, saving water and electricity, saving the trees from being felled… we can actually create a niche in the society through these activities. The environmental threats that our planet is facing today is to a great extent because of the inactions of the individuals. ‘I am just one man’ is no more the mantra of the day. Even one man can make a huge difference through his daily activities. Youth can change the world through their visionary power. All we need is to believe in ourselves and take the first step. Young people are innovative, creative and smart. So let’s help confront the climate change by innovative projects. There is no point in criticizing the ministry and other bodies. We are democratic individuals who have the potential to change the world. All we need is the courage to stand up and take action. We need youth interested in humanitarian aid and development of the society!

“You must be the change; you wish to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi.

Upasana Mallick

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/beija-flor/313926881/]