I can Vote, Work and Marry – but I can’t celebrate these with a drink!

Maharashtra’s Chief Minister, Prithviraj Chavan said that “Liquor consumption stresses the health system and destroys families.”* This is in line with the Maharashtra government raising the legal drinking age to 25 years. Chavan also told reporters that problem drinking was a social issue and insisted the measures were not an attempt at moral policing.*

However, in regard to this matter, these explanations don’t seem to strike an accord with the youngsters below the age of 25. There are others too above this age who feel that this move is strange, seeing that the ages set for mature decisions like voting and marriage are set at 18 and 21, respectively. If a person can handle important responsibilities like voting and marriage, one has to trust that the individual will be able to handle drinks too then, shouldn’t they?

Drinking as a social issue runs through all age groups. Anyone from a 15 year old to a 60 year old can fall into the over-consumption of alcohol trap. Would that mean that, one day, you will increase the age for drinking to a more ‘mature/responsible’ level?

Majority of the crowd that goes out for a drink fall into the 21-30 age bracket. Working professionals and newbies at work are the ones who like to go out to a pub, hang out with friends and have a drink. Socialization is quite high these days and if you raise and legalize [against] the very ‘activity’ for that age group, then it’s just another way of getting people into performing illegal actions [to a certain extent].

Most people [below the age of 25] will continue to drink, maybe not at pubs, but at their homes and other private places away from the lawmakers eyes – what steps are you taking to monitor that? You can’t be serious that people will stop drinking just because you legalize the drinking age. Laws and rules have always been bent and broken time and again – there’s little you can do about it.

Moving on, if over-consumption of alcohol leads to stress over health and disharmony in family lives, then ban it for each and every one! There isn’t much sense in banning it only for a certain age group. And frankly speaking, alcohol isn’t the primary item that causes health problems in people’s lives. Over-working too is one of the major contributors of illnesses – so why don’t we legalize working hours to be just 6 hours and not more? Maybe we could just ban people from eating junk food – that’s going to save so many lives, won’t they State Cabinet people?

If you are so concerned about people’s health and family lives, why don’t you try monitoring the hospitals, doctors and quacks that sprout all around us? People are dying almost every day due to hospital negligence and wrong prescriptions – why don’t you do something about that, Lawmakers?

Till then, we’ll chill out and have a drink!

* Borrowed from (AFP)


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