I Criticize But I Love India

So often, I earn the scorn of my friends for criticizing virtually everything about India, sometimes criticizing the political system, or the sports federations, or the educational institutions. That, along with my difficulty with Hindi, has earned me the tag of “firang”. But, does hating the state of things in one’s country mean that one isn’t patriotic?

This, unfortunately, is the case in our country, a country where the people seem to have all the patience in the world. The Dainik Jagran advertisement best symbolizes our mentality, speaking of how we complain about the condition of our roads, but live with it, where we change our travel routes because of eve-teasers. India has done extremely well to get where it is, undoubtedly. Sixty years after Independence we are a global player that all nations have to respect. When I criticize India, most of my friends point out to the fact that India is the second fastest growing economy in the world, and we should be proud of that. But, why should we be content with being the second fastest growing economy, and not look to become the fastest? China is the fastest, despite having attained freedom after us, and having a greater population than ours. So, why should we be content with second place in these rankings? We certainly aren’t when we lose some cricket matches.

I am a student at an engineering college which is said to be one of the best in our country, a place where people would die to get a place in. But, a month into my classes, all I can say that I have learnt there is some welding, and some foundry work, which I still don’t see how I am going to use in the future as a B.Tech graduate in Computers. My math teacher prides himself at the speed he teaches, and claims he can teach us our three semester course of Math in our first semester itself (Since he completed our first semester course within a month of our classes, I guess he probably can). Has anyone truly learned anything from him so far? I most certainly haven’t. My seniors say I should be happy where I am, since the tag of my college would get me a decent placement in four years time, and this is something that even former IIT graduates have said. So, basically, our education system is nothing more than a factory that applies a tag on us, which says we are from this college. The tag mentions nothing about how capable we are in a particular field.

Moving on to our police, it seems to create more problems than it solves and our government offices can’t possibly be criticized enough, and the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of politics in our country is the throwing of sandals in the Lok Sabha. So, am I wrong for saying our country is a mess? I hate the condition of our nation plainly because I believe we are capable of achieving a lot more. But, despite all this, I would never leave my country for some other, because I know that all we need is a revolution of sorts: a revolution amongst ourselves. The omens are definitely better, with the media playing important roles, but the media definitely needs to broaden its field of vision, focus on issues more than just the Jessica Lal type, and focus on other strata of society also. Hopefully, that would come sooner rather than later. Till then, I hate the state of our country, and I feel like a patriot just saying that.

Raveesh Bhalla

[Image Source:http://flickr.com/photos/ivanmarcin/224109191/ ]