I Cry Out

Beyond that steel mask of emotion,

Beyond the icy glare,

Beyond the snobbishness that irritates,

A frightened man lies there.

He wakes every morning with apprehension,

Clouding his mind,

Pounding it time and time again,

Until the winds sweep his ashes away.

He’s caught in a steel case of emotion,

That never makes it way out,

It’s like an air tight container,

With the key thrown away.

The fears have clogged his arteries,

Nothing makes sense anymore,

Life is like a series of storms,

And he seems to be in their way.

Torn and tattered, beaten and bruised,

Bleeding profusely through the teeth,

He pines for one calm breath,

But the kicks that follow ensure,

That even that he does not get.

People passing by spit on him,

And he can’t do a thing,

For he lives trapped in that cage,

Left to rot until death.

Kabir Bhandari