I-Day Speech: Modi Clearly Took Away The Thunder!

With Bharatiya Janata Party taking to the centre with its strikingly different ideology than that of the previous congress-led United Progressive Alliance government, most had awaited this Independence Day; some with zeal, while others with skepticism. When Modi issued special guidelines for the celebration of August 15, many thought it to be an authoritative move. Amid these anxieties everyone was nevertheless aware that the new Prime Minister was going to make sure that nothing would steal his thunder that day.

With his charismatic oratory skills, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stole millions of heart with his Independence Day speech. Not to mention, he was even able to awake the conscience of many citizens who live a numb political life. He touched upon an array of issues, from women security, rural development to financial inclusion and employment. He even went on to share his vision of establishing India as a brand in the global world order.

So here are the key issues highlighted by Prime Minister Modi which led the nation to endow him with their admiration:

  • Swacch Bharat (Clean India): Modi said that his government will be launching a clean India plan, “Swacch Bharat” in October this year. This will be a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth Anniversary which is to come in a few years’ time. Under this plan, he also envisaged providing toilets to women. Further he called on to all schools in the country to build toilets within a year’s time.
  • Developing “Made In India” a brand: Very early in his speech Modi called on to the world to manufacture products in India. Be is plastics, cars, textile, etc., he said all is welcomed to be “made in India”. Indians have the skill and the talent, so products can be sold anywhere, but they should to be manufactured in India.
  • Female Feticide: Strongly condemning female feticide, Modi pleaded to families in the country who kill girl child in the womb because they want a son. He stated that he knew many families where a single daughter has served parents better than their sons.
  • Women Security: Pondering upon the numerous cases of rapes and sexual assault, PM Modi questioned the status of women security in the country. “Girls need to be careful,” is a statement that has bothered the nation for very long now. In an attempt to change that, Modi requested India to ask the boys not to rape, instead of telling the girls not to go out.
  • Replacement of the Planning commission: The redundancy of the Planning Commission was noticed by the new Prime minister as he declared that the obsolete institution would be replaced by a modern institution. The Planning Commission has guided the economic development of the country for quite a while with nothing concrete being materialised. Removal of the institution is certainly a smart move.
  • Casteism and communalism: For years India has been divided on lines of caste, community and religion. So Modi appealed to the entire nation to shed their dividing beliefs on the lines of caste and community as the only way forward towards a united development of the whole nation.
  • Pradhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (Financial Inclusion): This is the Prime minister’s vision through which he hopes to create bank accounts for every poor citizen of the country so as to ensure financial inclusion in the country. Under this yojana (plan), those who open an account under Pradhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojana will be given an insurance of rupees one lakh for each poor family. They will also be provided with debit card to make their banking experience easier.

These points were surely the alluring highlights of Modi’s speech. There was much passion in his tone as he addressed the nation with an appealing zest. Addressing the nation from the Red Fort with a lot of respect for the nation, Modi’s Independence Day speech clearly depicted his vision of a globally powerful and influential India.

Pallavi Sharma

[Image Source: http://www.parhlo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/modi-3_660_1220120950391.jpg]