I Dream About

The other day, I had a
dream: met Britney…Hung out with Pamela Anderson on the streets of Paris; was
in the midst of the Amazon jungle; had a blissful time with half naked girls on
an exotic beach….. It may also include a frenzy experience with a girl I fell
in love with… “(What
a blasé!!!)

Do you actually want to dream about all this or even wish your mind to do so?? SORRY ‘entourages’, I have an anathema and unmatched clamour for it.

We claim ourselves to be the youths and self proclaim ourselves to be, the so
called “panacea” to all persisting issues. We, the youths flaunt to be
pragmatic, which we are NOT….!!!

I dream about being a responsible youth. To me, a dream is the blue print of a plan,
presciently intended to be executed in the future
. But in case if YOUR
dream isn’t defined in the same manner or even sporadically close to it, I
would call it as NIGHT-DREAMING or DAY-DREAMING; which is not wrong, but

I dream about a day when India, as an entity is mended by thoughts of mutual
respect, for and against each other and the contour having cringe is
jettisoned. I also dream about the young flesh actually thinking logically and
performing plausibly for the betterment of this country.

I dream of an ERA where the population growth will cease to a very sustainable
and bearable level, thus eliminating the ramifications then, which are faced us
by now.

I dream of an ERA where the youth stops questioning the policy-makers of this
country and come forward to be a ‘policy-maker’. Today, we express our dissent
and criticize severely for we have the most favourable platform to do so but
seldom do we realize our fanaticism, which clearly points the paucity of grit
to go perform at the grass-root level.

Often, I come across my peers who blame politics and its stake holders, but duly fail
to fathom that WE are the actual stake holders and politicians are the workers
appointed by US. So when the worker tries to malign the system, THROW HIM OUT
and replace, either with an honest, worthful candidate to serve the purpose or
appoint yourself for the job.

I dream of n ERA where child labour isn’t abolished but care is taken that a
child gets his fundamental right of receiving education and then he goes out to
earn, because it’s evident from the fact that his parents can’t afford the cost
of living and somehow stay afloat financially, he needs to get out there and
earn his bread. The work he does shouldn’t be laborious and harmful to him in
any way.

I dream of the day when, people will stop pointing their fingers to the
government for not providing them a job and YOUTHS create job opportunities.

Now I come to the interesting part of my dream and that is:

I dream of an ERA when the MEDIA stops printing & blabbering, sordid &
trivial news whimsically only to come out with a diligent news establishing a
logical and intellectual link. The media today is clearly a puppet in the hands of the
bureaucrats and I hold no qualms in saying that. The loop holes in media,
recently has come into broad daylight; journalists are paid for one sided
investigations and to ask all except pertinent questions to the accountable, to
jump the guns & finally unwanted conclusions. It’s time we put an end to the
ranting of silly, petty news which wastes our precious time.

I truly believe that if the media is clear and concise in its view, then it can
bring a REVOLUTION and a drastic change in the society; if it gets murky then
misguide the same society.

I dream about the day when this same media will realize “2002 Gujarat Riots”
isn’t the only one of its kind with bitter consequences and there have been
many savage riots, and those convicted are still enjoying RIGHT TO FREEDOM
clause. So it would ratiocinate when all these convicts are indicted. They
should not depict only one side of the coin and bereft the other which says:
Gujarat is also infamously known for conceiving higher GDP than whole nation,
known for a higher employment rate and the place where farmers are getting what
their crops deserve…. The most important thing is a civilian has replete basic

I DO NOT dream of the day or era where the caste, religion, creed systems are
abolished but surely of the day when followers of each respect the other with
utter dignity and stop rebutting on their flaws and shortcomings.

Well, there are still many things I dream about in myriad ways, but would be
satisfied if these are fulfilled in the first place…oh! I forgot that it’s a
blueprint of the future… I am convinced of its success now…..if only WE STAND

Anirudh Naik