I Hate Love Storys is a Bollywood romantic comedy, starring Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor in the lead roles. Directed and written by newcomer, Punit Malhotra and produced under Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, it was released on the 2nd of July 2010.

The cast includes-

* Imran Khan as Jay Dhingra
* Sonam Kapoor as Simran Sharma
* Sameer Dattani as Raj Dholakia
* Samir Soni as Veer Kapoor
* Aamir Ali as Rajeev Kumar
* Anju Mahendru as Jay’s Mother
* Bruna Abdullah as Giselle

The movie revolves around two completely diverse characters, Jay (Imran Khan) and Simran (Sonam Kapoor), and their we-hate-each-other story turning into a typical mushy love story, though after a myriad of twists and turns, yes and no squabbles and rough patches.


Jay Dhingra (Imran) is a modern day Casanova, a wannabe cool dude who ridicules the very notion of love. He calls it a “sickness” and detests all these mushy Bollywood love stories to the core. Ironically, he earns his bread and butter through these very love stories. He works with the most popular filmmaker, Veer Kapoor (Samir Soni) who seems to be a spoof on the Johar-Yash Raj-Bhansali clan. On the other side, is Simran (Sonam Kapoor) who is head over heels in love with the very phenomenon of falling in love. Her life revolves around her girly pink stuff, her perfect job and her Mr. Perfect boyfriend, Raj, a typical bore, but a loyal lover.

Cool dude Jay runs into naïve Simran in a movie theatre where, apart from flirting with her, he noses at her blissful and filmy Raj-Simran love story. To his utter horror, Simran turns out to be his boss at work. Put off by him to no extent, Simran devices vengeful schemes against him. But in the process, she realizes that Jay, however irreverent he may be, is a gem of a person. He brings a refreshing joy and frolic to her “so called” perfect life. And what happens next, Bollywood legacy has already told us. Simran falls for Mr. Wrong, and starts dreaming of a rosy future with him. Then enters the“favourite”love triangle, dilemmatic situations, solitude, in the nutshell a perfect cliché drama.

Personal Opinions and Criticisms

I Hate Love Storys, though expected to be a ridicule of candy floss mushy flicks- DDLJ, KHNH, K3J, Mohhobatein, KKHH, etc., ends up being another in their league. Though a creative fusion of all the aforementioned movies- something that is new and appealing to the audience, IHLS turns up being an extremely simplistic and predictable story. The first half of the movie is entertaining- with crispy one liners, laugh out loud instances of Jay, Simran and Raj and melodramatic Veer Kapoor but the second half is drag. Imran and Simran’s chemistry is refreshing and lively, though not strong enough to strike a chord with the audience on the emotional front. Jay and his friends are saviours-one doesn’t stop laughing at those lively moments of their conversation. Also, though least noted, Simran’s falling for Jay, being die hard committed with her boyfriend Raj ,is itself a mockery, a clear contradiction of her belief in commitment and the notion of janam janam ka saath. In my opinion, this aptly shows Simran’s artificial love life (about whose perfectness she is raving aloud in the whole movie) and her eccentricity though on a filmy front, this was something desirable (heroine dumping her love for the newcomer hero).

The concept of a film within a film is quite aesthetically portrayed, the cut-copy-paste job is well done, but at the end of the day IHLS struggles hard to stir and melt the hearts of its audiences.

Performance Appraisal

Imran Khan, with his muscular body and funky T-shirt looks hot and happening all throughout! He manages all those light moments – squabbles with Simran, checking out Gisele and smartly dumping her, tricking everyone especially his boss Veer and Raj, making Simran smile, etc., excellently. With his crooked smile, funny pout and weird expressions, he keeps the fun rolling. But when it is time for the I-don’t-care Casanova to express his emotions, whether it is breaking down while on the phone with his mom or proposing to Simran, he falls flat. Both scenes make one burst out laughing rather than turning teary.

Sonam Kapoor looks extremely beautiful and lively. With her well fitted designer costumes and hairstyle, she takes one’s breath away. But this upcoming diva needs to go back to acting classes; no offence intended. Her dialogue delivery is unimpressive owing to her nasal monotone and expressionless face.

Sameer Datani, as Raj plays the role of a boring investment banker well. The white chrysanthemum that he gifts Simran each time he meets her, his tucked in formal shirts matching  Simran’s attire everyday and his strict routine all fall in place with his apt body language and natural expressions.

Samir Soni’s part is almost an icing on the cake. His melodramatic tone, bossy attitude and cheesy expressions are both hilarious and cute.

Aamir Ali, as Rajeev Kumar- the actor of the film within, is another guy who doesn’t fail to add sugar and spice to the script. He has done a good job with his melodramatic comical role.

Bruna Abdullah, as Giselle looks sexy and happening. Her fake accent and silly dialogues count for an occasional light laughter.

Music, Cinematography, etc.

The music of IHLS, composed by Vishal-Shekhar is in complete sync with the young and vibrant nature of the film. The album offers all kinds of songs, right from the foot tapping and peppy title track to the sappy Bahara to the soulfully touching Bin Tere.

All these songs are already chartbusters.

Cinematographed by Ayanka Bose, the film is pretty and colourful. Camera and lighting has been handled very well!!

Manish Malhotra, has done a brilliant job with the costumes, especially of the lead pair. Imran’s T-shirts with funky messages and Sonam’s urban chic attire as well as her pretty saris, all up to the mark!

All in all, IHLS inspired from Karan Johar’s candy flosses, is a one- time watch. Light hearted vibrant love story with an appeal for the young audience but definitely not a Love Saga!!

Nikita Dhingra