I Murdered Aarushi Talwar

We have, by now, been over-exposed to the the Aarushi Talwar murder mystery. It has been everything, from breaking news to an unsolved mystery to a scoop. Some television producers even rode piggyback and laughed their way to the banks cashing in on the teenager’s plight.
The poor kid’s demise caused immense national furor and an obnoxiously inclined section of the media even took potshots at the girl, denying her even the fundamental dignity that is otherwise shown towards the dead.

Her father was accused of the gruesome act and it was alleged that she was having an affair with their servant. Of course, along with Aarushi, the dignity of death was snatched away from Hemraj as well. We can only sympathize with the Talwars. Even attempting to realize the intensity of their tragedy would be a vain attempt unless one goes through such excruciating pain oneself.

And as if all this was not enough, every day, new versions of how Aarushi died rocked the headlines. Her brutal murder was subject to innumerable examinations and conclusions. The girl, even after death, had to face socially constructed taboos. The only child of her parents, Aarushi Talwar still dies… everyday.

I really think one needs real nerve to resume living in a house where their daughter encountered death right under their noses. How helpless they must be feeling now! Her screams for help probably still haunt them. The child they brought into this world with such happiness could not even bid them goodbye. All that remains is a profound sense of griefpr and a scar too deep to heal. Hopes disillusioned, dreams shattered.

I can’t do much to ease their loss, except pray for the peace of the departed soul.

However, on second thoughts, I think I can make a difference, although in a small way. Everytime I browse through the television channels, the one airing the latest buzz about her murder is the one I stop at. Hell bent upon satiating my curiosity, I simply want to now more about it – the story inside out, for when it comes to the Noida twin murder case, I’m all ears.

And yet I wonder if that is justified. Certainly, I have no wrong intentions in mind and nor do I think anyone else in a similar situation would have either. However, if we take a look at a deeper level, what do you think we are doing? We are turning a child’s death into a scoop; a future shortcut into a sensational piece of ‘masala.’ News channels flash her death (even when there isn’t anything new and relevant) only for the sake of TRPs and we boost their hankering after brownie points, knowingly or unknowingly.

I repeat, Aarushi Talwar dies everyday. I kill her, you kill her, we murder her repeatedly… it’s time we woke our conscience. When hands should be joined in prayer for her, fingers are raised and she is eyed with curiosity. Silence hurls abuses at the Talwars. Some conscience can never be activated. Some people are simply bodies without soul. Are you a murderer too? Think about it.

Ananya Borgohain


[Image Source:http://asianwindow.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/aarushi_parents.jpg]