I pity the bar tender at Manu Sharma’s brother’s wedding

Manu Sharma, who is currently serving life sentence in Jessica Lal’s murder case, has been granted permission to attend his brother’s wedding from November 21st to November 25th. His mention has filled me up with nauseous nostalgia. His mention not only reminds me about the gruesome point blank rage murder of Jessica but also the value of life in this country. Despite the media hype, despite the candle marches, despite the public outburst from where I see it, the value of human life has only gone down. 11 years back it was less than a thousand bucks and now the worth of a human life, if not less, is definitely not more than mere 27 bucks! A kathi roll, a plate of steamed momos, a super saver pack of Lays all cost more than a human life, excluding VAT ofcourse! Change is good, but if this is the kind of change we are supposed to look forward to, I’d like to go back in time and freeze it, when people atleast used to get appalled and disgusted by the thought of murder vs. drink!

Coming back to Manu Sharma, he will be roaming around openly on the streets of Delhi with either a drink in his hand or a gun. Well I had thought of staying indoors for the four days Manu Sharma is allowed to breathe in fresh air but he has been forbidden from going to any night clubs in Delhi while on parole. And though all we girls may breathe a sigh of relief I can’t help but think of plight the bar- tender at Manu’s brother’s wedding. I have a few tips for the guy; I hope you read this before going to what may seem like the border. Here goes:

  • Never run out of drinks. Have a backup plan even for your booze stock.
  • Wear a bullet proof jacket to the wedding.
  • Don’t make plans for after 12, your services could be required at the wedding.
  • Don’t give reference of any night club that you could have possibly worked at.

For the rest of us, let’s just pray that we are neither invited to any Sharma wedding nor are attending any other in its close vicinity.

Himanshi Chuadhary