I Too Had A Love Story : Book Review

“I Too Had A Love Story” has been written by Ravinder Singh, a software engineer, who was brought up in a small town of Burla in Orissa. The novel has a deep impact on the reader and involves a series of different emotions. While reading the novel, one may relate to the joy of friendship, sorrows and difficulties that one faces in the path of life through the story. The novel is based on his own love life and the circumstances he has faced.

The author has described the instances of his personal life in the story. Being a love story, the genre seems very interesting and appealing to many youngsters who have experienced the essence of love and relationships in their lives and those who have sacrificed something for other’s happiness. He has made a great effort to describe the essence of love in the path of life and what pain he went through, when he ‘lost’ the love of his life.

The story revolves around Ravin (the author and the lead protagonist of the story) and Khushi (the girl whom he loved but could not get married to). The story includes instances of Ravin’s and Khushi’s life that describe the sweet and heart-touching memories that they had spent together. The author describes the fact that unlike all fictional love stories, the real ones do not always have a happy ending. Some stay incomplete and some push us towards the darkest ends of our lives. He has justly elaborated the fact that true friendship and love are the most important and one must cherish them during the path of his life.

In the beginning, the story describes the sweet and sour experiences of Ravin with his friends, his reunion with the three of his college friends–Happy, Amardeep or Ram ji (the name given to him by Happy an M.P) and Manpreet alias M.P, after three years of completing college. They share their experiences and revive the old memories of their college life and then comes in the topic of marriage. After a few days, while recalling the reunion conversation, Ravin decides to register on ‘Shaadi.com’ (a matrimonial website) where he meets Khushi and there starts their love story. Despite having not met even once, they fall in love and commit to marry each other.

Months pass, after which finally the moment comes, when they meet. At the first sight itself, Ravin falls for Khushi and is amused by her beauty. After which he meets her family. She belonged to a Sikh family and had three sisters out of whom two were already married and the younger one, Neeru was still studying. She also had a younger brother. Ravin thought her mother was similar to his own mother with that familiar smile and a simple living attitude. Times pass, and family meetings continue and finally the day arrives when their engagement is fixed but it follows a tragic incident which turns their lives topsy-turvy.

The book had a deep impact on me as I had never known what facets life can have–it can be very pleasant for some and can be so ruthless to others. I won’t say that I would sympathise with the author but would salute him for the courage he had shown to discuss something so personal and for having the strength to fight back the obstacles he came across in his life. The book exemplifies the fact that life isn’t always pleasant and if you love someone, love him/her truly; as love stories are meant to stay for generations to come and for them to read. I would recommend that everyone read the book as it will surely fill you up with positive attitude towards life and it may also give you courage to fight back the tough and unpleasant circumstances in life.

Savrina Kapoor