I Was a Loner…Till I met my Shopping Bags!

Every girl wants a Cinderella story for herself coz at the end of the witch act not only meet the prince charming but also get to wear the ‘glass shoe’!
At the end of a rough and tiring day I too get my well deserved fairy tale ending by hitting the malls. YES, for me it isn’t chocolates or bf holding hands or bffs on the phone….for me it is my clothes or even yours for that matter, if they fit me.

The entrance to a mall is akin to the doorway to heaven, calling out to me, rewarding me for the hard work I do on weekdays. The sight of a mall fills my heart with so many dreams of so many clothes! My hunger pangs die a sudden death on arrival of new stock; I toddle around the entire store picking out my personal favorites, the long queue outside the trial room would not annoy me as I would be lost in my own kapdaland. The process of rejecting and short listing clothes is definitely laborious but I won’t decamp till I reach my happy ending!

Returning home with the shopping bags in hand is just so fulfilling! Sitting in my room deluged in my shopping bags, smelling my new clothes (which is Ohh so turning on) , trying them one by one, admiring myself in the mirror and blushing like a newlywed bride, placing them in my closet , watch them sit pretty and high-fiving my sister on our magnum opus , all in all gives me a great high!

I might come across as quirky to you , infact let me tell you something to add to that (I don’t know why would I do that to myself?) My bua once told me that when I was just two years old , the size of my smallest shopping bag, I would cry my eyes out till my mother made me wear an old dress. And while old could be gold , what would I do if I didn’t have something new!

No matter how much I love shopping and everything related to it , I also know of so many who abhor it. Whenever I’d stop at a store to marvel at the display my male colleagues (or anybody belonging to their apathetic community) would roll their judgmental eyes and put on the irritated expression. On the flipside, they seem to be the first one to give someone a second look (and more) if someone dressed well walks past them.

Our fathers and brothers who fit the list of apathetic shoppers perfectly, funnily gloat in front of others in presence of their pretty wives, daughters and sisters, so what is the harm in letting one shop for the sake of one’s self pride and all the gloating!

I can vouch that girls (I don’t take guarantee for the opposite sex as they are a weird breed to me) , feel confident and good on the inside when they look good on the outside too. I know the opposite (that we feel good on the outside when we feel good from within) is known to most of us but this is equally true and most of you would be nodding in agreement.

This reminds of another stereotype that slanders women- women take ages to dress up! If dressing up is more than just covering your body with clothes, then one ought to put some thought into it. If you a reverse gear in your life and stop at all of your first times, you’d realize how making a good impression with the right look was so important even when you had all your files and certificates in place at the time of your 1st interview and further the right attire on the 1st day at job even though you’ve got it and earned it ; the right kind of dress , neither too clingy nor too casual for your first date , dressing up right to dressing down on your first night and further still getting nervous about what to wear on your first anniversary.

I don’t mean to preach at the risk of sounding frivolous , I mean… come on its shopping I am talking about , but it would be juvenile to call shopping a shallow exercise and for all the mindless and jobless! Everybody enjoys shopping , even everybody who criticize it , be it electronics or clothes or accessories or shoes or furnishings or even groceries for that matter…we all lean against the windows of stores and drool over the new arrivals and long for it with a childlike wanting. Our desires could either be controlled or gushing out of our hearts, but the happiness attained by the BRAND NEW arrivals is the same for everybody.

Shopping is affirmatively and most definitely FUN but it can go wrong and what blunders have been made in stores before my naked eye! Of course there is no fixed mantra to shop right as something that may look terrible on someone may work wonders for someone else , but at times what we want is miles away from what we buy. Getting carried away while we shop isn’t a rare phenomenon but buying a skimpy outfit and mistaking it for sexy or buying an ill fitted stitched piece of cloth and terming it as ‘’my style’’ , buying something from the kids section and saying its cute and it fits is just bad reasoning for buying crap.

Knowing what suits us is a big mystery for a lot of us especially if the flow of money is uninterrupted. Money, just like the coal and petroleum should be treated as a limited resource. I know, it might sound weird coming from a person like me who thinks shopping is the solution to everything, but just like me if you have a random urge to shop, set a budget and go out.

In the end I would just like to say that talking about shopping was as much fun as shopping itself. While I go out with yet another appetite for the fresh stock after sales you too get up and get out there and if you still don’t enjoy it , I’d say take me along the next time and you will definitely fall in l-o-v-e.

Himanshi Chaudhary