IAA To IAE: Differences Which Differ


The biannual auto show in Greater Noida has it’s roots spread to the capital. It is the largest auto show in Asia and the second largest in the World. Auto expo has taken every Asian country by surprise as the biggest car manufacturers from the world choose India as their destination for the much hyped launch of their new cars and bikes.


It has to be agreed that Auto expo has brought a lot of fame to India’s name, but what no one thinks about is the negative or I should say the other side of it, the darker side.

The International Motor Show or Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA – International Automobile Exhibition) held in Germany is the world’s largest motor show. It expects around 2,95, 000 visitors every year.


The auto show is very well planned and coordinated that on the odd years the private cars are on display and on the even years the commercial cars. This is just to channelize the audience without any traffic hassles and extraordinary management.

On the other hand, India Auto Expo was shifted to Greater Noida looking at the crowd and audience which it gets. It used to bring the capital’s traffic to a standstill and became a centre of chaos. But, the venue shifts still didn’t help and the first day saw a big jam on the DND expressway, when the expo was not even open to the general public.08-1428476409-dnd

Looking at the scenes, only one question arises and that is, why the laws and facilities are not same for everyone? It remains as a big question because the general public has to walk miles to get to the centre due to parking hassles and the elite class can take their cars right through the so called ‘security barricades’.

Vishesh Sharma




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