Ice Age: The Meltdown

Risto Isomaki in his article on “Global Warming: A very serious issue” tells us that “Russian scientists reported that the whole West Siberian permafrost region had suddenly started to melt. According to Sergei Kirpotin and his co-workers, the entire one million square kilometer permafrost area is now full of small, round lakes which grow a little bit larger, every year.”


This reminds me of the animated movie “Ice Age: the Meltdown”. Though it was released in year 2006, I got the chance to watch this prepossessing movie a few days back.


‘Ice Age: the Meltdown’ also known as ‘Ice Age 2’ depicts the serious issue of global warming. Based on this issue the director Caldos Saldanha has beautifully picturised the whole animated movie revolving around the animals and the extinction of the species due to the meltdown. The writer Gerry Swallow does not forgets to focus on the main characters throughout and thus the movie flows in tandem to the issues.


The movie stars Manfred alias Manny (Ray Romano), Sid (Jon Leguizamo), Diego (Denis Leary), Ellie- the female mammoth- (Queen Latifah) and Crash and Eddie, the two possum brothers. All the characters move well with the plot and scenes. Besides, there is vulture who tells about the rumoured ark which could save the animals’ life from the massive floods.


Manny, who thinks is the last mammoth left only of his species, is always seen showing concern towards his friends Sid and Diego, as he did in Ice Age 1. On the outset of the series, we get to know that Manny is asocial. Later, he himself reveals that he misses his family and feels the loneliness. The trio learns about the alleged “meltdown” and warns the animals to leave the place where they were living as soon as possible. The vulture warns about the consequences and wittily tells both the “bad news and the good news”. To haunt the viewers about the consequences, the two hideous sea animals are introduced in first part itself who play an important role in harming Ellie in the last part of the movie. The story moves on with the swinging differences between Manny and Ellie (who supposes she is a possum instead). Keeping aside their differences, the duo shows concern for each other in the movie.


Above all the most important animal I would like to mention in the ice age Part 1 and 2 is Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel who is always seen struggling to get the acorn. It adds to the humor of the movie and with Scrat’s role, the viewers get a sense of the humor and wit that the scriptwriters intend to showcase.


The opening dialogue of the movie itself “this global warming is killing me” insinuates about the issue to be dealt with and whole movie reveals to us the dire consequences of it. The song “food glorious food” also leaves a strong impact on viewer’s mind and one can not stop repeating these words.


The questions start coming up in the mind of ardent viewers, whether these creatures will be able to migrate safely? Is Manny the last mammoth? Will he be able to save Ellie from those nasty creatures in water and how will these animals escape death?


The whole movie leaves a cheerful smile on the viewers. One can not stay without laughing to the humors of Scrat, Diego, Sid and Ellie. The mixture of friendship, unity, romance, humor, sacrifice is a must watch for people of all generations.


Sara Khan

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