Because it was not only their dream, else they would have also sat alone in some remote corner of the world. Yes, it’s always a team effort to succeed. Yet this team could come in different ‘avatars’. At times, we see it as our colleagues, as our friends, as our siblings or our parents. Yes, they all contribute to what we call as success and team win.

Colleagues are the most obvious part and parcel of team and its success, ‘coz in a team’s success lays their own success. They all strive and work hard to achieve something in their life. Reasons may vary. Some may fight for their own dreams, some want to prove to the community, some may want to defeat the ego of someone who had challenged them and last but not the least; many want to overcome their own self – their fears and inhibitions. Healthy competition also arises from this category only. And that is the beauty of team work and team success. We have to rise along with the team.

Friends are such a part of life that they cannot be ignored, avoided or left behind at any point in life. If true, they are a big force behind our success. Some of them are left unsung while some get their due place. They do not shout or demand for recognition. They are happy just sitting somewhere and reading their friend’s success stories. This is one beautiful gift God has given a person that can never be replaced with anything else in life.

Last but not the least, family, constituting your parents and siblings are the ones who are most responsible of what you are today. They must support you, believe in your strengths and help in overcoming your weaknesses. If they are standing with you at all stages of life, in all crests and troughs of this adventurous journey called life, nobody in the world can stop you to emerge as a winner.


All real life stories are not so ideal or not so fairy talesque. Let me introduce myself, Surfer. I was not so good in studies but my father wanted me to be an Engineer, ‘coz he couldn’t be one. So it was his son’s responsibility to fulfil his dreams. I did. I passed my engineering in first division. Then, I did not want to work for a 10 – 5 IT job. But my friends were so much into it that they dragged me in this pool and I lost my passion, my interest in one of the lesser played sports in our country, which they said won’t ever help me in earning what this job can i.e. comforts of life. I did the job then. Now in my job, when I have spent few years and have seen many faces of the white collared people in it, I am seeing what I was always told is a most sought after thing, an opportunity to work abroad. But my sister and my closest friend cannot see the priority, she always enjoyed being taken over by my work. After innumerable attempts to convince her that my work is not my priority but you always are, today I am leaving my job to stay with her always.