Ideological Misfits in the new India

Time has come that we let go of the Left. They are not right for our political system. They are an autocracy within a democracy. Prakash Karat has highlighted it well. He is of the same old school of thought which is wary of everything that is not coloured red. The Left is an ideology which is wrongly based in the country. Their system is not well suited for India. Their vehement opposition to opening up the economy was a case in point. They don’t believe in Garibi Hatao, rather they want Amiri hatao! They are the perfect ideological misfits for this country and are averse to the notion of change.

The Left’s paranoia with respect to the association with USA is mind boggling. The just wouldn’t let any cooperation happen. The red flag exercises, which every Air force wants to attend, was being opposed by the Left. I think matters of defense should be left with our service chiefs and should not be the political ball of the country. They know the defense better than anybody else. We are in a hostile environment and China poses a great threat, hence we need to fork up our cooperation with friendly nations like Russia, USA, France and UK. The Left did not want us to even meet the IAEA and NSG over the issue of nuclear commerce. The fact is that if we did not, we wouldn’t be able to do commerce with Russia or France too. They expected us to have a deal with China, if possible. On the other hand, Prakash Karat and all members happily go to USA for party funding and bonhomie.

The Left has been the architect of poverty in this country. A good land reform in Bengal has gone horribly wrong. The farmers have such small land holdings that they are hardly viable. The same industry they are trying to woo is the one which they got the state rid off. From being an industrial belt, Bengal turned into agrarian state. Most places have a reverse trend. The opposition today takes cue from these same antics the Left has been playing in this country for ages. They have opposed computers and tractors as an example of their ideological deficit. Every party needs to change with time. You can’t have a 19th century mindset in a 21st century world.. Imagine the entire country being like the Bengal of today!

The handling of the Gurkha dominated areas has shown their, the Left’s, high handedness in tackling sensitive issues. They have systematically ignored the voices and are now faced with a situation which they can’t handle. The divide between the north and rest of Bengal is widening and the left has done precious little to subside it. Here they can’t try the tricks from Nandigram, which again was a miscarriage.

They seem to disregard the threat posed to us by China. The growing cooperation between China and Pakistan is a matter of concern for us. What is the harm if we do have close military ties with the west? What is it that they don’t know about us anyway? Having good practice with such advanced militaries only makes us closer to becoming perfect. They seem to believe that China is our natural ally. They are really mistaken in all practical ways. China is more open to confrontation with us than Pakistan. China openly disregards our territorial integrity and we maintain a mum. The Left can’t afford to anger the Chinese brethren on account of their international funding it seems.

A more recent example of Chinese meddling was when they tried to block our NSG clearance. It was a slap on our ties. Although we under played the event owing to the greater good, we must be wary of any advances. They tried equating us with Pakistan. The fact is, we have proven our credentials to the world. We have slammed the world’s opinion about us. The Chinese will not bat an eyelid before they do anything destructive. If we leave it to the Left we would live in the license raj forever. The Left actually did tag along China for this misadventure. We came out unscathed, but we wereleft wary of China. A wake up call was long needed and we got it! I don’t know if the Left is to be thanked for it, but we must be thankful to the one who was behind it.

Maybe they are right when they oppose putting pension funds in markets owing to volatility. The thing is they go too far with their opposition. It was impractical to continue our dead PSUs which were a burden. We have seen worse times under the permit-raj. It was a system which left us no freedom. Today we can have what we want without running after the ministers and Babus. Imagine if there were no computers. The convenience of ATMs instant transfer, nothing could have been possible. Imagine agriculture without tractors. I think here they just tried to save their symbols’ attractiveness, but ended up looking like something they should not. Turbulence of markets is a phenomenon, which happens time and again, but imagine if we were still closed to trading with foreign currency. If the foreign investors didn’t come in, we would be behind China by centuries right now. We are largely a domestically driven market hence these lessons of the recent crashes in stocks would strengthen us even more, but we should not stop foreign investments or foreign influence. We have a history of foreign influence, and it has helped us throughout!

Abhik Sen
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