If Not Medals, Players Are Indeed Acquiring Furniture

SittingIdleThe Zika epidemic has arguably been the defining crisis for Rio Olympics amid a wave of withdrawals of sportsperson, and the debates among health experts as to the impact of the virus on various participants. However, Zika isn’t the only source of worry for the organisers of this Olympics, there are certain things that are causing quite a stir among players who have travelled all the way to Rio for the games.

Both our men and women hockey teams of our country, weren’t provided with basic accommodation at the Rio village. They were devoid of basic necessities that were provided to other team members. However, the reason for this biasness is not known yet, the Coach Roelant Olymans complained about shortage of chairs and television set at the Games’ village. The players were sitting on bean bags which indeed could lead to severe injuries. Left with no other option, the team had to purchase chairs and tables for their convenience. Also, Indian tennis star Leander Paes hasn’t been allotted a room in the Rio village.

However, our country isn’t the only one that has been suffering or prejudiced against. Australia’s Olympic team leader made headlines for keeping their 700 athletes and staff out of the Athletes Village for at least two days due to electrical and plumbing problems. Chinese athletes have also shared their encounters with unfinished bathrooms and poorly assembled furniture.

But, there is a ray of shine for the US teams. They are staying on a luxury 196-cabin cruise ship called The Silver Cloud docked in Rio’s harbor for the duration of the Games. This isn’t the first time the U.S. basketball players have been treated like royalty at the Olympics, and probably this won’t be the last.

But, what led to such a degradation in the accommodation provided?

So, there is some political tension that has unfortunately engulfed Brazil. Dilma Roussedd has been suspended as President, awaiting impeachment proceedings, which are scheduled to take place after the Games. She is also battling with a corruption scandal, and is all set to boycott the opening ceremony, which is attended by Acting President Michel Terrier.

Also, security has been the organizers’ biggest concern and arrests of individuals alleged to be planning acts of terrorism are a major cause for alarm. Athletes have been mugged, further tarnishing the already diminishing image of the country. Despite organizers claiming venues are “ready”, pictures of last-minute construction suggests there is still work to be done before the Games get under way. Some competitors have refused to move into the athletes’ village over plumbing and electrical issues, while major doubts remain over transport and water pollution in the bay area, including raw sewage and human remains.

Thus, all this somehow intensified the antipathetic opinions of players participating from all over the world, further questioning their skills of actually being able to hold the mantle of Games with respect.

Considering all this, it seems that much more than hoping to win a medal, the players hope to have a decent accommodation and provision of hygiene. Even we battled with corruption during the Commonwealth Games’2010, but we did somehow survive the embarrassment.

Why is it so easy to put the dignity of nation at stake, so as to earn money? Why can’t the authorities just put national interest in the first places, more than the personal interest?

Nations are trusted to hold the Games they bid for in the first place, such unprofessional and greedy behavior demeans the entire essence of the nation, for which the local population has to bear the burn.

Let us just hope, all this mismanagement doesn’t hamper our players’ performance in the Games.

Yugansha Malhotra

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