If Not Nurtured…

After slight consideration, I decided that for this week’s column like to address the problems and benefits attached with young ambitions and the path of disarray that a lot of the young tread, if not guided correctly. Probably the perspective and insight I will be providing will be guilty of being slightly suburban and modernised in its approach, but I shall try my best to provide a broader perspective. Firstly, to accredit the birth of this thought, it will be right to quote a friend, with whom recently I had a chat about career plans, who said, “sometimes the best of us, if not nurtured can get lost.” Once this set off a train of thoughts, the platform was ready and the issue waiting to be looked at.

At the outset of the new millennium, and now a decade into it, the world has seen immense changes with respect to growth and development in every single field. Our country, on the other hand, has gone through probably what can be described the most rapid phase of development, with respect to the entire nation, since Independence. With the introduction of mobile phones to the coming in of the Congress government, there has been change everywhere. And, most of it – has been for the better. With this simultaneously, there has been the opening up of greater avenues and opportunities in an equal number of fields, if not more for the white collared jobs as well as the offbeat jobs, and of course, the coming in of call centres.

With this, there has been the influx of westernisation and its adaptation, by the youth. Despite having great opportunities in the fields of communication, media, banking, finance, entertainment, engineering, medicine to name a few, more youth than have been led themselves into a path of disarray and disillusionment. And, the most prevalent reasons for this have been peer pressure, parental expectations and vices amongst other things. There have been extensive cases of teenagers giving up on careers mid way or after just having made it there, because of the intense pressure and/or lack of support. And, when one hears of such stories it is just disappointing.

Disappointing I say, because some youth on one hand are doing considerably well for themselves, creating avenues for themselves and venturing out independently, whereas the flip side is the above mentioned. But then, there are two sides to every coin. Where we have a bunch of youngsters living in urban areas with opportunities opening up every now and then, there are those living in the rural sectors, struggling their way up in the cities, living away from family, in search of a perfect education and a perfect job. But then again, you need all kinds of people to make the world go round. Some call it fate. Rings a bell – maybe the Slumdog Millionaire one?

All in all, at the end of the day there are disparities in this country of ours. But, what steps must we take to avoid the youth, who constitute for a majority of the population and are the hope for a better future, from becoming irresponsible citizens? What must we, as the youth do to help ourselves from steering towards disaster and make the most of the opportunities thrown at us? There are a million questions that can be asked, but who will answer them?

We, the youth? Our words? Or our actions?

Naman Saraiya

Image Source: [http://www.power4youth.org/iStock_000004378490XSmall.jpg]