Ignore It, But Will The Absurdity Go Away?

Funny QuotesTanmay Bhat attained his moment of fame and made national news for his ‘controversial’ spoof on Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. It has created an uproar in the nation, an uproar that might take over the kind that was created during AIB Roast. Well, the Snapstory was stupid, it was not funny and it wasn’t beneath us to ignore it. He did something stupid that wasn’t as likeable as the Roast, and we can act like the sensible beings that we are and not pay much attention to it.

Since we are discussing the stupidity of individuals that managed to gain limelight for all the reasons it shouldn’t have, how can we forget the typical bang-my-head on the wall statements by our eligible leaders. It is not the first time our politicians have made illogical statements, and looking at the frequency, it definitely won’t be the last

There have been incidents, when our politicians have made us think that maybe it is time for them to change their speech writer or maybe it’s time for them to finally evolve. Sadly, such wait has brought no fruits to bear, thanks to the dopiness the politicians have been bestowing upon us constantly.

Sometimes they make us doubt our sanity and sometimes they make us laugh and cry.

Here are few statements made by our leaders that might give Tanmay Bhat a run for his fame, and which undoubtedly would make a mark when we must compile every stupid thing that has ever been said or done.

1) Drought is an event for which it’s pointless to plan in advance– Uma Bharti

Making us realize it won’t be pointless to plan her political role in advance too.


2) People coming from different parts of the country to holy places of Devbhoomi (Uttarakhand) for enjoyment, picnic and honeymoon led to the Kedarnath disaster – Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati

Our thoughtfulness could get hampered if your statement doesn’t stop. However, it’s not the first time the 94- year-old seer has made stupid statements.

3) Worshipping Shani will bring ill luck to them and give rise to crimes against them like rape. – Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati

Seems like, after all these years, he has finally accumulated enough knowledge to pass on such dopy statements.

4) According to the National Crime Records Bureau, causes of (farmer) suicides include family problems, illness, drugs… dowry, love affairs and impotency – Radha Mohan Singh

Which obviously makes us wonder, why was there so much of debate regarding the debt the farmers faced? Obviously, it was all because of impotency!


5) Women in Islam are no better than footwear- Sakshi Maharaj

And you Sir, are no better than the many misogynists we have always wanted freedom from!

6) Every Hindu woman must produce at least 4 children to “protect” the religion. – Sakshi Maharaj

Another statement by the learned sage, and here goes the dream of controlling our population down the drain.


7) Minister Azam Khan for his reported remark that BJP MP Yogi Adityanath should get married to “prove his masculinity”.

Because procreation is the only way to proved the society approved ‘masculinity’.


These are our leaders who unleash their stupidity on common mass, time and again. Yet, we tolerate it. Yet, we make them win, obviously we are tolerant. Had we been a bit intolerant these and many more won’t hold a powerful stance in the dynamics of our society. We give them the power and they yield it with viciousness.

If we can’t learn the art of tolerance, should we not learn the art of ignorance or the art of deniability? Or the art of not giving them the power or the attention they really don’t deserve?

Yugansha Malhotra






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