Illusion – Is that your reality?

I put on pink glares and turned around

T’was the rosiest picture I ever found

And there, I sought my highs and lows

As I felt my voice resonate into sound

Illusion and reality have often been viewed as distinct concepts of the sort. There are grey areas, of course, where the two overlap. But, have you ever pictured them to be all black or all white, that is, exactly the same?

Humans have always wondered if their existence accompanies a mission they need to fulfill. They have always sought an explanation for their existence, to look for a meaning or purpose in life. In a scenario where the plausible solutions are many but there is no absolute truth to any, humans have resorted to giving their own meaning to life, just like they have created their own ethos and ideals.

Thus, in a situation where humans have consciously chosen to give their life a meaning, their illusion becomes their reality. The ideas from imagination translate into practice, as thoughts translate into actions – and thus, reality is born.

What is interesting is that, just like reality, we are all born within illusions, and switch to varied illusions that we perceive as we grow, and as our illusions change, we change – and so does reality. This is a beautiful connection from the sub conscious to the conscious, a breathtaking manifestation of the supernatural into the natural. Just like a thought blossoms into an action, we see an illusion ripen into an idea, that goes on to define our existence and paint a picture of our very own ‘pot of gold’ that lies at the end of the rainbow.

When we say ‘Do what you love,’ – the western ideology that seems to be the trend, outdating the Bhagavad Gita’s philosophy of ‘Do what your duty commands, with discipline and without emotions’ – we give precedence to illusions over reality. And so, people live their lives within an illusion. Those passionate about music devote their lives to the cause and seek internal peace in the process. Those passionate about materialistic pleasures pursue
paths leading to money, greed and sometimes crime, and yet, this is the illusion they happily base their lives on. This is where illusions are no longer idle fragments of thought. They are in fact, more real than your physical existence, since they form its foundations.

And then there is love. The most powerful of all illusions, consuming numerous lives all at once. This is someone’s reality, someone’s reason for existence, even someone’s hope for existence. Would you then say it is unreal? It would be wrong to say it overpowers reality, and right to say it is more real than reality.

Why then, do we experience a conflict when we tell ourselves that we are in an illusion and that we need to face the stark reality? We are in a position to define reality, for ourselves as well as the world when we exchange thoughts and ideologies. That is why, humans are so capable of cooperation and love – because these are the best and most harmonious of all illusions, and what’s better, we’re in a position to make that choice.

So the next time you think of demeaning someone or feel you haven’t achieved anything in life, remember – you are ensnared within the wrong illusion. Close your eyes, have faith and wish good – you will find your way out of the labyrinth into the world of true, inner, endless joy.

Vishruta Mattu