Imported Terrorists, Made-in-India Terrorists

Since long those “bloody Muslims” have had almost a monopoly in the department of Spreading Terror. Were the rest of the “religious” groups to remain mute spectators while jihadis single-handedly claimed credit for all the blasts and the killings? Were they to watch in helpless inaction as the jihadis reached the top of the terrorist hierarchy and imposed themselves on others’ terrorism techniques? Of course not, we must preserve our distinct culture of dominating and terrorizing, said the others. And so, the other fascist Empires decided to Strike Back. The imported, flashy terrorists of those Muslim countries will face real threat from Made-in-India, indigenous terrorist groups. Let them alone try to spread terror, we’ll show them who is the boss. Aah, I’m feeling blessed already.

No longer will a bomb blast happen and will all the glory be heaped upon a terror cell of the Muslims. Now the public will have to sit up and deal with some hard questions – Which “religious” group masterminded the attack? Was it Hindus, or Muslims, or Sikhs, or Jains or Jews or….? What if, actually, it was a Hindu group masquerading as a Muslim one for some ulterior motive? What if it were vice-versa? What if the next blast interrupts a cricket match??? And so on.

Before anyone starts thinking that all these groups (Indian or ‘imported’) will benefit only themselves, let there be a clarification. This upsurge of other terrorist groups will help sustain many other communities also. After all, the Good in them makes them look beyond their selfish interests and serve not just God, but other humans or authoritative institutions as well. For starters, they help the political community. Successful are those political parties which can adapt, almost like chameleons, to all situations. Hence a bomb blast will help them start another round of their game – The Blame Game. Attention of the public will be diverted from their unachievable demands of rozi, roti and kapda to more serious matters of preserving the reputation of the political parties. There is also the trickle down effect – money to be given as compensation can be embezzled by some lower officials. Formation of indigenous terror groups will also help totally suffocate ATS. Any attempt to investigate and weed out the terrorists will be met with stiff assistance, and arrest will be next to impossible. All the while, public support will be had since any attempt of investigation will be an assault on a Great Political Party, Great Regional/Religious Community, Great X and Great Y. We know how intolerant mobs are to any kind of injustice. Another community which will benefit greatly will be the media. TRPs will shoot up and they won’t have to create fictional “Breaking News”. To abet their journalistic urges, they will get to mercilessly shred a scapegoat’s dignity into tiny little pieces. And perhaps for some money and some incentive thrown here and there, they will get to help certain individual(s) get that chair of power. Many such communities abound, but they could be dealt with, later.

It wouldn’t be too wrong to say that Indian society has become auto-cannibalistic. People are willing to sacrifice, brutally maim or kill their own fellow countrymen as long as their contorted ideals are achieved. While one has grudgingly become used to having politicians and their fascist parties support terror cells, it is still unnerving to find high ranking army men, those who had sworn to protect their country, being involved. Now, with the nuclear pact, alarm bells start ringing. What if state-sponsored terrorists get hold of nuclear and throw it upon their own nation?

Who knows, we soon could be participants in a grand race where terrorist will compete against each other. The one, who manages to finish off all of the citizens and paralyse human and economic growth first, will be the winner! Perhaps, perhaps…a day will come when all citizens will be dead and India will consist only of different terrorist groups. Then, they can continue to seek heaven/salvation by killing each other, and once they reach their “heaven”, they could continue their glorious war there…

Shravya Jain
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