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While the Bollywood movies today are practical, urban, youthful addressing social issues and are closer to reality, the movies of the past are artistic, stirring, melodic, famed and celebrated. Being a hundred percent desi at heart, I can crave for Bollywood spice come any day. Bollywood is loved not only in India but across the world and that it is one of the largest producer of films globally justifies it. But what aches my heart these days is the kind of message we are giving out to the next generation. Open relationships, slang lingo and romance driven by sex in movies these days have changed the mindset of the youth. We are busy trying to match up to the level of Hollywood flicks that the essence of Hindi cinema is fading away. A few elements of movies in the past that have made Bollywood what it is today, has started to dwindle. One of the major ingredients of Hindi movies are the song and dance numbers which were melodious and meaningful at one point of time but not anymore. To add to that many movies these days like Black, A Wednesday, Dhobi Ghaat are adapting to the new trend and feature just the background score and no songs.

Are we forgetting that music industry not only contributes a decent percent of revenue to the films but also has given us songs, euphonious and evergreen. The item numbers these days have become a trademark of masala movies of the moment and it seems that the music industry is able to generate profits only when they include such numbers or vulgar remixes that mar the original song. We may be living in the times when the Khans are ruling the industry but the trio (Shahrukh, Aamir & Salman) can never give us what Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan and their ‘Bromance’ gave us. We may have many Badnaam Munnis, Jawaan Sheilas to swing and shake their hips and Maaro Dum but they are exactly opposite to what Helen, Bindu, Aruna Irani or Padma Khanna did. The ‘lesser the clothes equals the better’ formula seems to have suited most of the actresses these days. But isn’t it a disconsolation that we still haven’t been able to produce another ‘Dream Girl’ in decades? Hindi cinema these days is definitely doing its best and keeping up to the level of international standards no doubt but how many of us, the ‘hindi film loving aam-junta’ know about these critically acclaimed movies?

The answer to this is the mainstream films that are the commercial movies being the numero uno choice of the people. What I intend to say is that, we may not be able to create the same filmy magic of the past but let’s try and progress in a manner which will give us more dialogues like, “Mere Paas Ma hain” , “Kitne Aadmi the” or “Bade bade deshon mein, aisi choti choti baatein hoti rahti hain” and movies that will be better known as the Classics for many years to come.

Upasana Bhattacharjee

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