In A Man’s World, It’s Bang Baaja Baaraat For Permanent Roommates!

Permanent Roommates

Move over scheming saasumas and histrionic bahus. An enormous wave of invigorating web series has hit India and we are ecstatic.

Okay, life was tough until recently. We had to endure those painful soaps that lasted lifetimes. Generations would come and go, but our dear baa would refuse to age. Who would have known that our very own righteous Tulsi Virani would one day join Modi ji’s Cabinet? Lovely metamorphosis, I must add.

All of us had unwillingly become a part of a tele family’s kitchen politics. We had no other option but to sit through the excruciating shows, because our grandmothers thought of it as educational and entertaining.

Those were difficult times, but we survived them.

Today, however, things have changed. We are experiencing the best of virtual world, where everything is a click away. What seemed far-fetched until a few years ago has become our waking reality and we are loving every bit of it.

With new energies and new scripts – that are closer to the real world – available on the internet, we can now plug in our earphones and forget everything else. These have given birth to the limited-episode web series that have reformed our taste and consumption, while emerging as a cult.

These series hit us a like rejuvenating wave, and have gained immense popularity. They are funny, different, relatable and stimulating.

Here are three such YouTube series that you need to watch, if you have not already:

  1. Man’s World:

Not your quintessential gender-reversal stories, this one is about a man stuck in a woman’s world. He prays for a ‘better life’ and gets one. No serious arguments on feminism and not a hint of misandry, this is the first original Y-Films series. The makers have done a hilariously-successful job of showing how the world works differently for men and women. Watch it for its quirky humour and stellar performances.

  1. Permanent Roommates:

TVF’s Permanent Roommates is a story that all couples will relate you. Mikesh and Tanya are a regular couple who face the prospect of marriage, but find themselves in peculiar situations each time. Currently in its second season, the show had garnered a lot of popularity. Watch it for Sumeet Vyas’ adorable antics and Nidhi Singh’s girlfriend act.

  1. Bang Baaja Baaraat:

Another of Y-Films’ web shows, this is a five-episode story of a Punjabi girl and a Marwari boy, who are madly in love and plan a destination wedding. The twist is, their parents find out about it after they receive the invitation. A story of dysfunctional families and love beyond communities, this one is a sophisticated take on modern relationships. Watch it for the lead actors’ sizzling chemistry.

Prerna Mittra

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