Mr. Akshay Talwar is the Founder, CEO and Hardware Consultant of Weaving Thoughts, a firm which offers high quality and cost effective services in copywriting, content writing, technical writing and proofreading. I have had the privilege of working under Mr. Akshay Talwar for few projects last year. He taught me a lot of technicalities regarding effective content writing and the rules that govern online writing world. Though he is the CEO of a company at the age of 20, and deals with writers and clients across the world, he comes across as a very friendly and charming personality. When I approached him for the interview, he agreed for it readily.

Along with supervising the work of Weaving Thoughts, Mr. Akshay Talwar is pursuing Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University. Very professional in his approach, he has a wide network of writers and clients working with him since two years now.

TVP: Can you tell us little about yourself, your education and background?

AT: Well, I completed my schooling from Delhi Public School, R.K Puram with Science in class 12th. Then I took up engineering in JayPee Institute, Noida. But I could not manage the extensive mugging up and the monotonous routine and so I dropped out towards the end of first year. Then I joined Delhi University and right now I am in the second year of BBS.

Where did your company, Weaving Thoughts, start then?

AT: I started working on the concept in May 2008, after giving my engineering exams. Initially I started with the aim of earning money. Having some experience in freelance writing, I decided to start something which links freelance writers with international clients looking for some quality work at affordable prices. Later, when I didn’t get through IIT, I was determined to prove myself. It served as a stimulus and by July 2008, Weaving Thoughts was established.

TVP: So what all do you manage in it now?

AT: I basically manage the communication part between the writers and the clients. As the work has increased over the last year, I have assigned editors for supervising the writers.

TVP: Any challenges you faced during these two years?

AT: Well, yes. In January 2009, my company suffered a major fall out. There was no work for almost 5-6 months. I was also not able to devote much time to keep it stable. But eventually it recovered and now everything is working out very well.

TVP: Okay. So, what next? Your career planning?

AT: I plan to start few more businesses over the next five years, along with completing my graduation. Then I will apply for an Executive MBA in U.K. probably.

TVP: How do you manage studies along with your business venture? Doesn’t Weaving Thoughts keep you busy and compromise on your leisure time also?

AT: Actually no. I started out when I was comparatively free and so could spend time to develop it. But now, with proper division of work, it doesn’t take up much of my time. Everything is well coordinated and I just have to supervise everything.

TVP: Your take on content writing as a career?

AT: See anyone, from any age group, with a good command over English and grammar, can take up content writing as a part time job. But as a full time career, it is not a very lucrative option. Copywriting or proofreading pays more.

TVP: Your message to youth, especially to the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow?

AT: Choose a career that you really like, instead of forcing yourself into something redundant. It depends on the individual, where his interest rests and how well he recognizes and acknowledges his talents. Get a degree, get trained and then start. There is no need to rush things. But when you start, make sure you are the best in it. Be passionate about whatever you do. It is important to be economically independent, but first learn all that you can.

Mahima Taneja